Season One

The Pilot:  "The Honeymoon"
Original Airdate: September 26, 1969

Carol Martin, who has three girls and a pet cat is preparing to marry Mike Brady, who has three boys, a dog, and a housekeeper named Alice.  The ceremony takes place in the back of Carol's house.  We get our only glimpses of Carol's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler.  Tiger and Fluffy end up ruining the ceremony as the wedding cake ends up on Mike.

"Girls stop that screaming, you're ruining the wedding"
"Boys put that dog in the car.  Put him back I said.  Put him back."

 Mike and Carol end up feeling guilty for yelling at the kids and bring them (plus Alice) on their honeymoon.  This was the last we saw of Fluffy the cat.  Tiger the dog survived for a little while longer.  Carol's parents never showed up again, and Mike and Carol's former spouses were never spoken of again.  

Guest Stars:
J. Pat O'Malley (Mr. Tyler, Carol's father)
Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Tyler, Carol's mother)
Dabbs Greer (minister)
James Millhollin (Pringle, the hotel clerk)

#1  "Dear Libby"
Original Airdate:  October 3, 1969

A lonely hearts column has the kids believing they are breaking up their parents marriage.

Guest star:  
Jo de Winter (Libby)

As if!  The "Dear Abby" wannabe personally came by the Bradys' house to assure the kids that the letter wasn't from Mike or Carol.

#2.  "A Clubhouse is Not a Home"
Original Airdate:  October 31, 1969

A no-girls clubhouse comes under siege.

"Name something men can do that girls can't?"  Carol wails.  Mike responds "Grow beards!"  Carol cries "That's not funny," and Mike relents and lets the girls be part of the clubhouse.

#3.  "Kitty Karry-All is Missing"
Original Airdate:  November 7, 1969

Bobby is accused of taking Cindy's favorite doll.  

Bobby thinks Cindy stole his kazoo in retaliation, but it ends up that Tiger took the toys.

Guest Star:
Pitt Herbert (Mr. Driscoll)

#4.  "Katchoo"
Original Airdate: October 24, 1969

Jan is allergic to either her new dad or the boys' beloved dog, Tiger.  Even though the boys would rather keep Tiger, the family decides Tiger has to go until it's discovered that Jan isn't allergic to Tiger, she's allergic to Tiger's flea powder.  

Just as Alice is ready to say goodbye to Tiger, she says "Get out of here you stupid dog."

#5.  "Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy"
Original Airdate:  October 10, 1969

Cindy can only invite one parent to her school play.  

Puh-lease.  What kind of sadistic school would dole out only one ticket per child?

Guest Stars:
Marjorie Stapp (Mrs. Engstrom)
Tracy Reed (Miss Marlowe)
Brian Forster (elf)  Forster went on to play Chris on "The Partridge Family."

#6.  "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
Original Airdate:  October 17, 1969

With a new Brady lady on the scene, Alice feels unneeded and decides to leave the house.

She tells the family she is going to Seattle to take care of her sick Aunt, which leads Cindy to say "Why does Alice like Attle better than us?"  Get it?  See Attle--Seattle?  The family learns of Alice's intentions, and convinces her to stay thanks to "Operation Alice."  *Alice tried to leave the Bradys again in #83 "Goodbye, Alice, Hello."

#7.  "Father of the Year"
Original Airdate:  January 2, 1970

Marcia's attempt to keep secret the fact that she's entering Mike for "Father of the Year" causes her discipline problems at home.  Luckily, Marcia's letter won the contest sponsored by the paper, or she would've missed the family ski trip.

Sherwood Schwartz said this is his favorite "Brady Bunch" episode.  

Guest Stars:
Oliver McGowan (Hamilton Samuels)
Bill Mulikian (Lance Pierce)
Lee Corrigan (photographer)
Bob Golden (Mr. Fields)

#8.  "The Grass is Always Greener"
Original Airdate:  March 13, 1970

Mike and Carol decide to settle an argument about who has the easier job by switching their roles of teaching cooking and playing baseball.  

Obviously, this kind of storyline wouldn't fly in the 1990's.  Ask Emerril Legasse of Food TV or the Colorado Silver Bullets female baseball team.

#9.  "Sorry, Right Number"
Original Airdate:  November 21, 1969

Mike installs a pay phone in the house to try to solve the problem of having nine people using one phone.  

Why wasn't there an episode about six children sharing one bathroom?  Or why wasn't there real grass in the backyard? Anyway, Mike's parenting technique impresses a client (who has three teenagers of his own) enough to close an important deal.  This episode marks the first appearance of Sam the butcher!  This brings back the days when a telephone call cost a dime.

Guest Stars:
Allan Melvin (Sam)
Howard Culver (Mr. Crawford)

#10.  "Is There a Doctor In The House?"

 The Bradys face a medical crisis when the kids come down with the measles.

Here's another antiquated episode when Doctors actually made house calls.  The girls' doctor is "Mrs. C." Marion Ross and the boys' doctor is Dennis the Menace's dad, Herbert Anderson.  Even though they decided to use both doctors at the end of this episode, the Bradys regular family doctor became Dr. Howard (Jack Howard).

#11.  "54-40 and Fight"

The boys and girls fight over what to get with their trading stamps.

Here's another episode that spotlights a part of Americana that is long gone--trading stamps.  And once again those sexual stereotypes are in full swing--the boys want to get a rowboat and the girls want a sewing machine.  The family decides to build a house of cards to determine a winner, and "since everything counts" the girls win when Tiger runs into the table during the boys' turn.  *Viewing note:  watch the end of the scene when after the cards have fallen, some cards pop back up.  And why didn't Marcia just take off that damn bracelet?

Guest Star:
Herb Vigran (Harry)

#12.  "A-Camping We Will Go"
Original Airdate:  November 14, 1969

The boys and girls mix like fire and water on their camping trip.  

Once again, those unenlightened Brady boys think that girls are incapable of doing something "manly" like camping.  But when the ladies bring "sissy food" like fried chicken all is forgiven.  Everyone ends up in a "G" rated orgy in one tent.

#13.  "Vote for Brady"
Original Airdate:  December 12, 1969

Marcia and Greg are both running for student body president.

Once again it's the boys vs. the girls as each side with their respective oldest sibling.  Finally, after overhearing Greg's campaign manager planning to start a "smear campaign" against Marcia, and Greg kicking him off the campaign team, Marcia withdraws from the race and Greg becomes student body president.

Guest Stars:
Martin Ashe (Mr. Dickens)
Stephen Liss (Rusty)
Casey Morgan (Scott)

#14.  "Every Boy Does It Once"
Original Airdate:  December 5, 1969

The story of Cinderella leads Bobby to the conclusion that all step-mothers are evil, including Carol.  

Don't let the risque title fool you.  This is the Brady Bunch.  This episode was about Bobby wanting to run away from home.  This is the only episode that uses the term "step-mother."  It was mom and dad the rest of the time, as we know the girls' original dad and the boys' original mom were long forgotten.

Larry McCormick (TV announcer)
Michael Lerner (Johnny)

#15.  "The Voice of Christmas"
Original Airdate:  December 19, 1969

Cindy's only wish for Christmas is for Carol to regain her voice to sing for holiday services.

God forbid!  Florence Henderson can't sing due to laryngitis.  Cindy asks Santa for her mommy to regain her voice and in a "Brady Christmas miracle," Carol was able to sing "O Come All Ye Faithful" on Christmas day.  That song came into play years later when it was used to help lure Mike out of a collapsed building in "A Very Brady Christmas."

Guest Star:
Hal Smith (Santa)

#16.  "Mike's Horror-Scope"

The Bradys' happy home gets shook up when the glamorous head of a cosmetics firm hires Mike to design a new factory.

Carol gets nervous after she reads Mike's horoscope that says "a strange woman will come into his life." An exotic (read:  woman with an accent), siren named Beebe Gallini wants Mike to work "overtime" to build her a factory in the shape of a powder puff or lipstick.  Carol feels threatened, and the episode ends with Beebe crying "black tears" when Bobby and Cindy squirt her in the eye with water guns.  Maybe the Bradys should stop reading the paper.  First they got all uptight over a "Dear Libby" column, now this.

Guest Stars:  
Abbe Lane (Beebe Gallini)
Joe Ross (Duane Cartwright)

#17.  "The Undergraduate"
Original Airdate:  January 23, 1970

L.A. Dodger first baseman Wes Parker makes his acting debut in an episode about Greg's crush on his math teacher played by former child star Gigi Perreau.

Wes Parker was the first of four professional athletes who encountered the Bradys--Don Drysdale, Deacon Jones, and Joe Namath.  Busy bodies Alice and Carol try to figure out who Greg has a crush on, by questioning Marcia's friend Linda.  They eventually figure out Greg's lousy grades in math are attributed to his attraction to his teacher, Miss O'Hara.  

Guest Stars:
Gigi Perreau (Miss O'Hara)
Teresa Warder (Linda)

#18.  "To Move or Not to Move"
Original Airdate:  March 6, 1970

Prospects of moving to a new home are dimmed by sentiment for the old one.

Bobby and Cindy end up dressing up as ghosts to scare off prospective buyers.

Guest Stars:
Fran Ryan (Mrs. Hunsaker)
Lindsay Workman (Bertram Grossmann)

#19.  "Tiger! Tiger!"
Original Airdate:  January 30, 1970

The Bradys are upset when the family dog disappears.

Bobby, who was closest to Tiger is especially upset.  Tiger is older than Bobby.  After scouring the neighborhood, it turns out Tiger was a little casanova fathering a litter of puppies.

Guest Stars:
Maggie Malooly (Mrs. Simpson)
Gary Grimes (teenage boy)

#20.  "Brace Yourself."
Original Airdate:  February 13, 1970

Marcia's world is destroyed when braces are put on her teeth. She thinks that Alan Anthony cancels their date for the dance because of her braces--"I hate you Alan Anthony, I hate everyone," but everything works out in the end.  Marcia becomes the first Brady kid to date.

Guest Stars:
Molly Dodd (saleslady)
John Daniels (Eddie)
Jerry Levreau (Harold)
Mike Robertson (Craig)
Brian Nash (Joey)
Scott Robertson (Alan Anthony)

#21.  "The Big Sprain"
Original Airdate:  February 6, 1970

The Brady home is in chaos when Carol leaves to care for an ailing aunt and Alice sprains her ankle.  Things look really bleak when Alice can't go to the Meat Cutter's Ball with Sam.  Jan's famous peanut butter and pickle sandwich doesn't even cheer up Alice.

Guest Star:
Allan Melvin (Sam)

#22.  "The Hero"
Original Airdate:  February 20, 1970

Peter gets a swelled head when he saves a little girl's life in a toy store.

Peter becomes the second Brady kid to get mentioned in the local newspaper when he wins the "Outstanding Citizen" award for saving her life.  Marcia's winning letter about Mike got her in the paper in #7 "Father of the Year."  One of the guest stars is Joe Conley, who played Ike Godsey on "The Waltons."  There's a scary flirtation between him and Alice.

Guest Stars:
Pitt Herbert (Mr. Driscoll)
Dani Nolan (Mrs. Spencer)
Dave Morick (Earl Hopkins)
Joe Conley (deliveryman)
Randy Lane (Steve)
Melanie Baker (Tina Spencer)

#23.  "Lost Locket, Found Locket"
Original Airdate:  March 20, 1970

The Bradys turn sleuths to identify the secret admirer who sent Jan a locket.

"It wasn't a screamy scream, it was a happy scream," Jan cries out after she finds her locket after losing it in the bushes outside her window.  It turns out the fellow middle sister Alice was the secret admirer.  You see, Alice typed out her note with a typewriter that dropped its "y's."  

#24.  "The Possible Dream"
Original Airdate:  February 27, 1970

The Bradys are on the prowl again.  This time Marcia's diary was mistakenly given away by Cindy.  Before Marcia has a chance to disown Cindy, the Bradys find the diary in which Marcia confesses her "dream of dreams is someday to be Mrs. Desi Arnaz Jr."  Marcia says "If anyone sees that I wrote that in my diary, I'll perish.  I know I will." Plus, Alice happens to be friends with the housekeeper for Lucille Ball (maybe they went to Housekeepers' college together), and arranges a visit by the teen idol.

Guest Stars:

Desi Arnaz Jr. as himself
Gordon Jump as the Salvation Army guy

Season Two

#25.  "Going, Going, Steady"
Original Airdate:  October 23, 1970

Marcia is in love with a 13-year-old insect collector.

Harvey Klinger!  Marcia improved her taste in later years when she dated Doug Simpson (big man on campus).

Billy Corcoran (Harvey)

#26.  "The Dropout"
Original Airdate:  September 25, 1970

A compliment from pitcher Don Drysdale has Greg ready to quit school to become a big leaguer.  

Long before the Johnny Bravo days, Greg was ready to chuck school for the fame and fortune of becoming a baseball star after a compliment from Don Drysdale.  But after Greg got creamed while pitching for the Tigers, he came to his senses.

#27.  "The Babysitters"
Original Airdate:  October 2, 1970

Greg and Marcia are left in charge of the other kids when the adults of the house go out for the evening.

Mike and Carol get a rare night out, but don't enjoy themselves over worrying among other things about Cindy having the sniffles.

Guest Stars:
Gil Stuart (restaurant captain)
Jerry Jones (officer number one)

#28.  "The Treasure of Sierra Avenue"
Original Airdate:  November 6, 1970

Bobby finds a wallet containing $1100 and his decision to share it with only his brothers splits the family.

Guest Star:
Victor Kilian (Mr. Stoner)

#29.  "The Un-Underground Movie"
Original Airdate:  October 16, 1970

James Cameron watch out!  Greg directs a film about the Pilgrims for school.  Peter and Bobby are cast as Indians and the rest of the family are pilgrims including Alice in a "Victor/Victoria" turn as a male pilgrim.  One of the few times we got to see Alice out of her housekeeping uniform.  For a complete list of those special occasions, click here.  

#30.  "The Slumber Caper"
Original Airdate:  October 9, 1970

Marcia's slumber party is put in jeopardy after she is blamed for drawing an unflattering picture of their teacher.  The night's activities include "Truth or Dare," a rousing game of "Ha," ghost stories, and eating hot dogs, before things get out of hand thanks to the itching powder the boys plant in the girls sleeping bags.  

Guest Stars:
E.G. Marshall - Principal Randolph
Carolyn Rietz (Robert Reed's daughter) - Karen
Barbara Bernstein (Florence Henderson's daughter) - Ruthie
Hope Sherwood (Sherwood Schwartz's daughter) as another partygoer

Ruthie confessed she thought Greg Brady was the cutest guy in school.  

Marshall starred with Robert Reed in "The Defenders."

#31.  "Confessions, Confessions"
Original Airdate:  December 18, 1970

Peter is sure his weekend camping trip will be canceled when he breaks Carol's favorite vase.

The kids actually do something unethical by covering up Peter's crime.  "Mom always says don't play ball in the house," Bobby claims.  Of course wise Mike figures something is up and lets Peter sweat it out, before he finally confesses and gets to go on the damn trip anyway.  

Guest Star:
Snag Werris (hardware man)

#32.  "The Tattletale"
Original Airdate:  December 4, 1970.

Cindy is causing problems for the family with her tattle-taling.

Things really come to a head when Cindy tells Sam that Alice was "kissing the postman."  Now before you get visions of Alice and the postman like Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in "The Postman Rings Twice," think again.  She was only hugging the postman because she won a prize.  Alice ended up clearing things up with Sam, and the family got to enjoy a groovy hi-fi system.

#33.  "Call Me Irresponsible"
Original Airdate:  October 30, 1970

Greg gets a part-time job at Mike's office in order to save money to buy a car.

Greg's career as a delivery boy gets off to an inauspicious start as Greg loses the first set of plans he's supposed to deliver.  * Mike had problems with his plans getting into the wrong hands again in "The Cincinnati Kids."  Jack Collins appears as Mr. Phillips.

Guest Stars:
Jack Collins (Mr. Phillips)
Annette Ferra (Randy)
Barbara Morrison (drama coach)
Gordon Jump (mechanic)
Bob Peoples (Mr. Peterson)

#34.  "The Impractical Joker"
Original Airdate:  January 1, 1971

It's no laughing matter after Jan's practical joke backfires.  Jan ends up almost getting Greg's science project, Myron the mouse exterminated.  There is a hilarious story about how Robert Reed hated this episode in "Growing Up Brady" by Barry Williams.

Guest Star:
Lennie Bremen (the exterminator)

#35.  "A Fistful of Reasons"
Original Airdate:  November 13, 1970

A bully causes trouble for Cindy and Peter.  

"That mean Buddy Hinton" was one of the more memorable Brady guests.  He was an older kid who teased Cindy about her lisp.  When Peter defended her honor, Buddy punched Peter out.  After unsuccessful attempts by Mike to reason with Buddy's dad ("buzz off") and Carol to reason with Buddy's mom ("Ralph says raising boys is man's business"), Peter pulled a "Rocky" went into training with the help of Mike, and gave Buddy a taste of his own medicine.  This show featured the mantra "Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk."

Guest Stars:
Russell Schulman (Buddy Hinton)
Paul Sorenson (Ralph Hinton)
Cell Cabot (Mrs. Hinton)

#36.  "What Goes Up..."
Original Airdate:  December 11, 1970

Bobby develops a fear of heights after he falls out of Peter's tree house.  

Bobby conquers his fear by the end of the show.  Eventually Bobby (in animated form) lives in a treehouse "The Brady Kids."

Guest Stars:
Jimmy Bracken (Jimmy)
Sean Kelly  (Tim)
Brian Tochi (Tommy)

#37.  "Coming Out Party"
Original Airdate:  January 29, 1971

The entire family is invited by Mike's boss, Mr. Phillips to spend the day on his boat.  However, Cindy has to get her tonsils out, and during the Doctor's house call, it is discovered Carol needs her tonsils out too.  Carol mistakenly calls Mr. Phillips' boat "a broken down barnacle barge."

Guest Stars:
John Howard (Dr. Howard)
Jack Collins (Harry Phillips)

#38.  "The Not-So-Ugly" Duckling
Original Airdate:  November 20, 1970

Jan has a crush on a boy from school who is interested in Marcia.

Also known as the George Glass episode, Jan makes up a secret lover after Clark Tyson shows more interest in Marcia. First, Jan tries to remove her freckles with a lemon--"There goes your last excuse.  It's not the freckles.  It's just dumb old you." Then in a move that would make Gloria Steinham barf,  Jan puts on a party dress to attract Clark.  

This episode was named one of the greatest moments in television history by "Entertainment Weekly."

Guest Star:
Mark Gruner (Clark Tyson)

#39.  "Tell It Like It Is"
Original Airdate:  March 26, 1971

Carol writes a story about the family for a woman's magazine.

Who would possibly interested in the story of a woman with three girls who marries a man with three boys?!

Guest Stars:
Richard Simmons (Mr. Delafield, the chief editor)
Jonathan Hole (Willie Witherspoon, the photographer)
Hora Maynard (Elaine Swann, the haughty editor)

#40.  "The Drummer Boy"
Original Airdate:  January 22, 1971

Musical problems disturb the Brady harmony.  

Before the Bradys became the Silver Platters, they were testing their musical chops in this episode.  Peter, Jan, and Cindy were members of the glee club and Bobby was learning to play the drums.  But Peter was catching grief from his football teammates until Deacon Jones happened to visit practice and set the team straight.  

Guest Stars:
Bart La Rue (Coach)
Jimmy Bracken (Larry)
Dennis McDougall (Freddy)
Pierre Williams (Jimmy)

#41.  "Where There's Smoke"
Original Airdate:  January 8, 1971

Jan and Cindy catch him smoking and Marcia tells their parents.

Greg kicks the habit by the end of the episode

Guest Stars:
Craig Hundley (Tommy)
Marie Denn (Mrs. Johnson)

#42.  "Will The Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?"
Original Airdate:  January 15, 1971

Jan buys herself a brunette wig so she'll be noticed.

Jan goes to the local department store and buys a wig from Marcia Wallace of all people.  She debuts her new look at Lucy Winters' birthday party, but is laughed out of the house.  Finally, Jan realizes that people like her the way she is.  In a funny subplot, a goofy looking girl named Margie Whipple has a crush on Peter.  

Guest Stars:
Pamlyn Ferdin (Lucy)  Ferdin was the voice of Lucy in the classic "Peanuts" cartoons and Felix's daughter in "The Odd Couple."

Marcia Wallace (salesclerk)
Karen Foulkes (Margie)

#43.  "Our Son, The Man"
Original Airdate:  February 5, 1971

Greg insists he's all grown up and needs his own bedroom now that he's in high school.

One of the classics.  "These aren't sunglasses, they're shades," Greg declares.  He suddenly has outgrown his brothers and asks for his own room.  Mike and Carol allow Greg to move into Mike's den which Carol says is decorated in "American Nightmare."  After blowing off the family camping trip, Greg is brought down to earth after the girl he asks out says no, and plans with the guys fall through.  Greg is back in his room by the end of the episode.  

Guest Stars:

Julie Cobb (girl)
Chris Beaumont (hip guy)

Chris Beaumont later appeared as Greg's classmate Eddie in #53 "The Wheeler Dealer, " as Greg's friend Hank in "94 "A Room at the Top," and as rival quarterback Jerry Rogers in #103 "Quarterback Sneak."

#44.  "The Liberation of Marcia Brady"
Original Airdate:  February 12, 1971

Marcia has to put her money where her mouth is after she speaks out for women's lib on TV.  

Marcia joins Greg's group the Frontier Scouts and Peter joins The Sunflower Girls.  "I'm a little sunflower, sunny, brave and true."  I do good deeds for you."

Guest Star:
Ken Jones (the reporter, as himself)

#45.  "Lights Out"
Original Airdate:  February 19, 1971

The Bradys encourage Peter to take up magic to help Cindy overcome her fear of the dark.

Guest Star:
Snag Werris (salesman)

#46.  "The Winner"
Original Airdate:  February 26, 1971

Bobby becomes a frantic competitor when he discovers he is the only Brady without a trophy.  

The last straw is when even Cindy wins a trophy for winning a jacks tournament.  Bobby enters everything short of the Ironman competition, and finally lands a spot in an ice cream eating contest on a local television show.  Though, he loses, he's a winner when those supportive Bradys award him with a trophy for being himself.  

Guest Star:
Hal Smith (Kartoon King)
Smith was Santa Claus in #15 "The Voice of Christmas."

#47. "Double Parked"
Original Airdate:  March 5, 1971

Carol and the kids campaign to save a park that Mike's firm is designated to build a courthouse on.

Though there is a tense moment between Mike and Mr. Phillips, a compromise is reached thanks to Mike's powers of reason.  

Guest Stars:
Jackie Coogan (man who signs the petition for Alice)
Jack Collins (Harry Phillips)

#48.  "Alice's September Song"
Original Airdate:  March 12, 1971

Alice's old flame, Mark Millard comes to town to win his old girlfriend back.

Alice with a life?  No way.  It ended up that Mark was after Alice for her money.  Guess how they found out.  That's right.  Wise Mike checks out Mark and saves the day again.

Guest Stars:  

Steve Dunne (Mark Millard)
Allan Melvin (Sam)

Steve Dunne returns to play Pete Sterne, the host of a talent show the Bradys perform on in #93 "Amateur Night."

Season Three

#49.  "Ghost Town USA"
Original Airdate:  September 17, 1971

The Bradys camp in a old deserted mining town after getting a late start on their vacation to the Grand Canyon.  First of three parts.

They run into an old coot, Zacchariah T. Brown who immediately assumes the Bradys are out to steal his claim.  He locks them up in an old jail cell, until you guessed it, wise Mike gets them out "MacGyver" style.

Guest Star:

Jim Backus (Zacchariah T. Brown)

#50.  "Grand Canyon or Bust"
Original Airdate:  September 24, 1971

The Bradys break out of the ghost town jail to discover their car and trailer have been stolen by the prospector.

The family makes it to the Grand Canyon, but trouble ensues when Bobby and Cindy get lost.  The episode ends with Carol and Mike calling out "Bobby," "Cindy" into the Grand Canyon.

#51.  "The Brady Braves"
Original Airdate:  October 10, 1971

Cindy are Bobby are helped by Jimmy when they become lost at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  The third of three parts.

Jimmy the Indian boy helps Bobby and Cindy get back to camp.  In exchange, Bobby and Cindy let Jimmy hide out there as they feed him rations of hot dogs and baked beans in a flashlight.  They get caught by, you guessed it, Mike, and we find out that Jimmy's grandfather is Tonto (Jay Silverheels).  The episode ends with a traditional Indian ceremony and everyone is given an Indian name including "Squaw in Waiting" for Alice and "Little Bear Who Loses His Way" for Bobby.

Guest Stars:
Michael Campo (Jimmy)

#52.  "Juliet is the Sun"
Original Airdate:  October 29, 1971

Marcia wants applause when she lands a part in the school production of "Romeo and Juliet."

Long before Clare Danes was born, Marcia was Juliet--"I am beautiful, I'm Juliet!"  But Harold Axelrod was no Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Here's part of their rehearsal:
Harold:  "Have not saints lips my sin is purged.  Show me but love and I'll...
Marcia:  "No, no Harold, that's not the way I said to do it."
Harold:  "Marcia how about if you do your part your way, and I'll do my part my way?"
Marcia:  "Not if it's going to ruin the play."
Harold:  "I don't think I'm ruining the play."
Marcia:  "You will if you don't stop squeaking."
Harold:  "I quit squeaking last year."

Then Carol caught Marcia acting like a complete diva, and axed her from the play.  Marcia took the role of Lady Capulet at the end.

Guest Stars:
Lois Newman (Miss Goodwin)
Randy Case (Harold)

#53.  "The Wheeler Dealer"
Original Airdate:  October 8, 1971

Greg learns a costly lesson when he buys his first car.

Greg plunks down his hard earned $100 for his first set of wheels and it turns out to be a lemon. Alice said "it sounds like a lovesick moose." After Mike lectures him on "caveat emptor," let the buyer beware, Greg reels in his own "sucker."  At the end, Greg lets Ronnie off the hook and takes the car to the junkyard.  

Guest Stars:
Chris Beaumont (Eddie)
Charles Martin Smith (Ronnie)

#54.  "The Personality Kid"
Original Airdate:  October 22, 1971

Peter's wallflower status at a friend's party convinces him he needs a new image.

"Pork chops and apple sauce!"  Need we say anything more.  

Guest Stars:
Monica Ramirez (Kyle)
Margie DeMeyer (Judy)
Karen Peters (Susie)
Sheri Kowart (Kathy)
Jay Kocen (first boy)
Pierre Williams (second boy)

55.  "Her Sister's Shadow"
Original Airdate:  November 19, 1971

Jan is determined to establish her own identity because her teachers are constantly comparing her to Marcia.

Jan doesn't do something as dumb as a Humphrey Bogart impression (see episode #54). Instead, she hides all of Marcia's trophies and utters the infamous line "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia."  But lo and behold, just as Jan thinks that she's doomed she wins an essay contest.  But then things get sticky when Jan discovers she was given the wrong score.  She confesses the mistake at school assembly and is given a standing ovation.

Guest Stars:
Lindsay Workman (principal)
Gwen Van Dam (Mrs. Watson)
Peggy Doyle (teacher)
Julie Reese (Kathy)
Nancy Gillette (pom-pom girl)

#56.  "The Teeter-Totter Caper"
Original Airdate:  December 31, 1971

Bobby and Cindy attempt to set a new teeter totter record.

Bobby and Cindy get snubbed by not being invited to a relative's wedding.  To prove their worth, they try to set the world record.  

Guest Star:
Dick Winslow (Winters)

#57.  "My Sister Benedict Arnold"
Original Airdate:  October 15, 1971

Greg feuds with Marcia when she dates his school rival.

Greg is bummed out because Warren Mulaney beat him out for first string on the basketball team and for student body president.  When Greg finds out Marcia will be going on a date with Warren, he goes ballistic.  Greg forbids Marcia to date Warren, which makes Marcia want to date Warren even more.  So, Greg goes out with Marcia's rival, Kathy Lawrence.  Kathy even does a cheerleading routine in the living room for Greg, which makes Marcia furious.

Filmore Junior High!"

 At the end, Warren and Kathy get together, and considering what we know about Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams, Greg and Marcia should have started dating too.

Guest Stars:

Gary Rist (Warren)
Sheri Cowart (Kathy)

#58.  "The Private Ear"
Original Airdate:  November 12, 1971

Peter uses Mike's tape recorder to eavesdrop on his siblings conversations.

This is a pretty funny one.  Peter instigates fights between Marcia and Jan, Bobby and Cindy, and Greg and Marcia.  Greg and Marcia find out what's going on and take things into their own hands.  They trick Peter into believing that Mike and Carol will throw him a party for getting a good grade.  But Mike and Carol find out about the plan and resolve everything.

#59.  "And Now a Word From Our Sponsor"
Original Airdate:  November 5, 1971

The Brady family is "discovered" and asked to do a commercial.

One of my favorite episodes.  Ultra-cool television director Skip Farnum finds the Bradys in a supermarket parking lot.  He wants them to do a commercial for Safe laundry detergent, but Mike puts things on hold when he believes the family shouldn't do a commercial for a product that they don't use, since Carol told Mike the Bradys switched from Safe to Best.  After the Bradys hold their own contest between "New and Improved" Safe and Best laundry detergent, they agree to do the ad.  Mike and Carol invite Carol's cousin Myrna Carter to help them learn how to act.  Myrna, who is a B-rate Barbra Streisand  (pronounced Meerna) teaches them about motivation-"motivation is everything, it's bigger than life."  Everyone ends up overacting, and Farnum cancels the commercial.

Here's some of Farnum's direction to Mike and Carol:

"Ok now love you're gonna be over here playing with the greens.  Then you man are going to slap the suds on her.  Then you have a little rap session and it will be a take."

Then Farnum has problems with Alice...
Farnum:  "What's with the spaghetti?"
Alice:  "I was motivated."  I figured Safe cleaned the clothes so fast, that I had time to go to the beauty parlor."

After Farnum quits, he says "You put cameras on a bunch of squares and they flip out."

Guest Stars:

Paul Winchell (Skip Farnum)
Art Lewis  (Felder)
Lennie Bremen (truck driver)
Bonnie Boland (Myrna)

#60.  "Click"
Original Airdate:  November 26, 1971

Carol and Mike are on opposing sides when Greg wants to go out for the high school football team.

After Greg and Mike finally convince Carol to allow Greg to play, he promptly goes out a cracks a rib.  Greg then becomes the team photographer and saves the day when he takes a picture of a pivotal play that proves his team should have scored a touchdown in a game.  (Foreshadowing instant replay.)  At least Greg got to date cheerleader Linette Carter.  He also was seen  with cheerleader Kathy Lawrence in #57 "My Sister Benedict Arnold" and judged a cheerleading competition in #86 "Greg's Triangle."

Guest Stars:
Bart La Rue (Coach)  

La Rue played Peter's football coach in #40 "The Little Drummer Boy."
Elvera Roussel (Linette Carter)

#61.  "The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses"
Original Airdate:  December 24, 1971

Mike attempts to surprise Carol with a photograph of the kids for their anniversary.  Meanwhile, Jan suffers with her first pair of glasses.

Another great episode.  Just like when Marcia was upset when she had to wear braces, Jan takes it hard when she has to wear glasses.  At first, she refuses to wear her glasses, and pays for it when she crashes her bike into the garage where an anniversary portrait of the children was being hidden.  The kids manage to get their picture taken again, but Mike uses his powers of deduction to know that something was up because Jan had her glasses on in the latter picture.  Proud Jan paid for the picture by selling her bicycle.

Guest Star:
Robert Nadder (Mr. Gaylord)

#62.  "Little Big Man"
Original Airdate:  January 7, 1972

Bobby tries to prove that he is a lot bigger than his size.

Bobby is suffering from the Napoleon complex.  He gets into a fight with an older guy and tries to stretch himself.  But his size comes in handy when he crawls out the window, after he and Greg get stuck in Sam's meat locker.

Guest Star:
Allan Melvin  (Sam)

#63.  "Getting Davy Jones"
Original Airdate:  December 10, 1971

Marcia promises that Davy Jones will sing at the school prom.

Another all time favorite.  (Season three was probably the best season).  Marcia tells her friends that she'll get Davy Jones to sing at their prom, no problem.  However after stalking Davy at the local television studio and hotel, Marcia tracks him down at the recording studio while he is recording "Girl."  

You know, "Girl, look what you've done to me.  Me and my whole world.  Girl, you've brought the sun to me. With your smile, I'm telling you girl..." "Thank you girl for making the morning brighter, girl for making the nighttime nicer, girl for making a better world for me."

Guest Stars:
Davy Jones (himself)
Britt Leach (manager)
Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Robbins)  This was Wallace's second Brady bit.  She played the salesclerk in #42 "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?"
Kimberly Beck (Laura)
Tina Andrews (Doreen)
Whitney Rydbeck (page)

#64.  "Dough Re Mi"
Original Airdate:  January 14, 1972

The kids' musical group hits a sour note when Peter's voice changes.  

The Bradys try for fame and fortune when Greg writes a song and they decide to record it in a professional recording studio.  Songs performed:  "We can Make the World A Whole Lot Brighter" and "When It's Time to Change."

Guest Star:
John Wheeler (Mr. Dimsdale)

#65.  "The Big Bet"
Original Airdate:  January 28, 1972

Greg and Bobby make a bet with the loser having to do everything the winner says for a week.

In the biggest upset since the U.S. Olympic Hockey team beat the Russians, Bobby beat Greg in a chin-up contest. Bobby ended up treating Greg like dirt and the episode climaxes with Greg forced to take Bobby along on his date to the drive-in movie theater with Rachel.  Bobby breaks the roof of the convertible by getting his umbrella caught.  This is the first of several episodes where a Brady kid who has done wrong must recite to Mike what he learned.  Example:  #1.  Don't take advantage of people.  #2.  Don't bet on things, even if you win you lose.  #3.  Never bring an umbrella to a drive-in movie theater.  This is the episode the phrase "little stinker" was thrown around.

Guest Star:
Hope Sherwood (Rachel)  
Hope Sherwood is Sherwood Schwartz's daughter.

#66.  "Jan's Aunt Jenny"
Original Airdate:  January 21, 1972

Imogene Coca plays eccentric Aunt Jenny who teaches Jan a lesson about beauty.  

Jan finds an old picture of Aunt Jenny and wants to learn more about her.  When Aunt Jenny sends Jan a picture, Jan freaks out because she thinks she'll look like Aunt Jenny.

"Aunt Jenny, Jan is shyer than the other kids."
"Boulderdash!  That kid doesn't dig me and I want to know why?"
"Well Aunt Jenny, it all started when Jan received your picture in the mail.'

 But after spending a few days with Aunt Jenny, Jan realizes what a jerk she was.

#67.  "Cindy Brady, Lady"
Original Airdate:  February 18, 1972

Cindy is suffering the pangs of being the youngest in the family until she discovers a secret admirer.

Guest Star:
Eric Shea (Tommy)

#68.  "The Power of the Press."
Original Airdate:  February 4, 1972

Peter tries to use the power of the pen to impress a teacher.

Peter was the "Mike Walker" of the '70's, becoming man about town with his gossip column penned by "Scoop" Brady. But after he gets a D in Science, Peter tries to use his influence at the paper to get a better grade.  

"Next year will be so nice, we won't have Mr. Price.
"A vertebrate has a back that's straight."  

Guest Star:
Milton Parsons (Mr. Price)

#69.  "Sergeant Emma"
Original Airdate:  February 11, 1972

Alice's cousin Emma fills in for the vacationing housekeeper and turns the house into an Army barracks.

Most of the episode is watching the Bradys do calisthenics as the song "As the Casons go rolling along" plays. This is the first of two times someone other than Alice was the housekeeper, and both times the family couldn't wait to get Alice back.

#70.  "The Fender Benders"
Original Airdate:  March 10, 1972

Carol's minor accident in a parking lot turns into a court case.

The evil Mr. Harry Duggan tries to squeeze money out of the family by claiming whiplash among other things.  While testifying in court, Mike throws his briefcase on the floor to trick Mr. Duggan into turning his head and proving he was faking.  

Guest Stars:
Jackie Coogan (Mr. Duggan)
Robert Emhardt (the Judge)

#71.  "My Fair Opponent"
Original Airdate:  March 3, 1972

Marcia turns a plain Jane into a knockout who becomes her rival for hostess of Banquet night.

Molly turns into an ungrateful jerk:

Molly:   "Now that I've changed my looks and personality I'm a total knockout."
Marcia:  "Well you had a little help."
Molly:  "Marcia, it doesn't matter how I got here. The point is I've arrived."

Eventually, Molly realizes the error of her ways and apologizes to Marcia.

Guest Stars:
Debi Storm (Molly Webber)
William Wellman, Jr.  (astronaut)
Lindsay Workman (Mr. Watkins)
Suzanne Roth (Suzanne)

Season Four

#72.  "Hawaii Bound"
Original Airdate:  September 22, 1972

Mike brings the entire family with him when his company sends him to Hawaii.  First of three parts.

Guest Stars:
Don Ho (himself)
David "Lippy" Espinda (Hanalei)
Elithe Aguiar (hula instructor)
Patrick Adiarte (David)



#73.  "Pass the Tabu"
Original Airdate:  September 29, 1972

Bad luck plagues the family after Bobby finds a tiki that has evil powers.  The accidents were Greg's wipe-out,  the spider crawling onto Peter after he said "bad luck come and get me," and Alice throwing out her back during a hula lesson--"my hu went one way, and my la went the other."

Guest Stars:
David "Lippy" Espinada (Hanalei)
Cris Callow (Mandy)
Patrick Adiarte (David)



#74.  "The Tiki Caves"
Original Airdate:  October 6, 1972

Vincent Price plays an archaeologist who menaces the Brady boys in the burial grounds.

Guest Stars:
Vincent Price (Professor Whitehead)
David "Lippy" Espinada (Hanalei)



#75.  "Today I am A Freshman"
Original Airdate:  October 13, 1972

Marcia panics about becoming a high school student.

After humiliating Greg in front of his friends:

"It's so good to get away from those children in junior high. I'm looking forward to the intellectual stimulation of high school."
Marcia attempts to make friends of her own by joining the Westdale Boosters. But just as Marcia is about to be inducted into the exclusive club, Peter's volcano erupts and spills mud all over everybody.  

Guest Stars:
John Howard (doctor)
Vickie Kos (Kim)
Kelly Flynn (Tom)

#76.  "Cyrano De Brady"
Original Airdate:  October 20, 1972

Peter's crush on Jan's new girl friend Kerry is frustrated so he enlists Greg's help.

Peter likes Kerry, but Kerry likes Greg.   Here's part of Greg's seduction scene with Kerry:
Greg:  "Rule #1 - You go out with only me."
Kerry:  "I like that rule."
Greg:  "Rule #2 - I go out with anyone I want."
Kerry:  "That doesn't seem fair."
Greg:  "What do you want, fair or me?"
Greg:  "Now rule #3 (as he leans in to kiss her)
Kerry:  "Can we go back to rule #1?"  

Guest Star:
Kym Karath (Kerry)

#77.  "Fright Night"
Original Airdate:  October 27, 1972

The Brady kids try to outfrighten each other as they haunt their own house.

#78.  "Career Fever"
Original Airdate:  November 17, 1972

Mike mistakenly believes that Greg wants to follow in his footsteps as an architect.

This gets all the kids thinking about what they will do.  Peter wants to be a doctor, Jan a nurse, Cindy a model, and Bobby an astronaut.  Eventually, in the later Brady reunions, Greg became a doctor, Peter some kind of office manager after a stint in the military, Bobby a race car driver/grad school drop-out, Marcia a clothing designer, Jan an architect, and Cindy a disc jockey.  

#79.  "Law and Disorder"
Original Airdate:  January 12, 1973

Bobby becomes very unpopular when he decides to be the best safety monitor at school and then at home.

Bobby becomes a power hungry lunatic and starts a report where he rats out his brothers and sisters including busting Greg for coming home after curfew - (check out Greg's satin purple jacket).  But Bobby is put to the test when a classmate asks him to save her cat from an abandoned building.  "Here Pendora, Pendora?"  Bobby tries to wash his good clothes and overflows the washing machine.  

Guest Stars:

Shawn Schepps (Jill)
Harlen Carraher (Steve)

#80.  "Jan, the Only Child"
Original Airdate:  November 11, 1972

Jan wishes she were an only child after she feels she has no privacy.

Jan really gets the treatment from everyone after she says she wishes she had no brothers and sisters like her friend Donna.  Just as Jan is to be banned from the hoedown the family is attending, she comes to her senses.

#81.  "The Show Must Go On??"
Original Airdate:  November 3, 1972

Marcia and Greg get their parents to perform in the high school family frolics.

Marcia and Carol sing "Together" and Mike and Greg perform a poem "The Day is Done" with Peter and Bobby providing comic relief.  

Guest Stars:

Allan Melvin (Sam)
Karen Foulkes (Muriel)  Foulkes played Margie Whipple in # 42 "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?"
Frank De Vol (father)  De Vol co-wrote the "Brady Bunch" theme song and was the show's musical director.
Bonnie Ludeka (daughter)

#82.  "You Can't Win 'Em All"
Original Airdate:  March 16, 1973

Bobby and Cindy are picked to be tested for an appearance on a children's TV quiz show.

This time Bobby is complacent and doesn't prepare for the big gig.  Cindy studies like a maniac and wins a spot on the show.  But then Cindy becomes an insufferable brat, saying things like ordering "just a small salad Alice" for dinner, and by the time she goes on the show her siblings are ready to kick her out of the family.  Cindy self-destructs on camera due to that "little red light."  "Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge!"

Guest Stars:  
Edward Knight (Monty Marshall) - Christopher Knight's dad

#83.  "Goodbye, Alice, Hello"
Original Airdate:  November 24, 1972

Alice decides to leave when she feels that she can no longer communicate with the kids.

Another of my personal favorites.  After some miscommunications, the kids are convinced they can't trust Alice anymore because she's a "squealer."  The kids give Alice the "cold shoulder" and Alice hits a breaking point after offering Marcia and Greg some "great peaches" and they say "no thank you."  Alice quits and gets a job at a greasy spoon across town. After a few days of the no-nonsense replacement, Kay, the kids are dying to get Alice back.  They track her down at the restaurant and beg for forgiveness.  

"Mr. Foster these are the Bradys!"
"And these are the customers and they'd like to have a word with you if you don't mind."
"You have no idea how much I've missed these kids."
"Maybe you can be with them permanently."

Guest Stars:
Mary Treen (Kay)
Snag Werris (Mr. Foster) Werris also appeared in #31 "Confessions, Confessions" and #112 "Welcome Aboard."
Harry G. Crigger (customer)

#84.  "Love and the Older Man"
Original Airdate:  January 5, 1973

Marcia gets a crush on her new dentist, then believes that her feeling is returned when she misinterprets his interest in her as a babysitter.

Marcia has a dream sequence that includes this:
Marcia:  "How was your day dear?"
Dr. Vogel:  "Brutal, I spent all day extracting an impacted molar."
Marcia:  "Darling," thanks to you there's one less impacted molar in the world."
Dr. Vogel:  "And the Levine kid bit me again."
Marcia:  "That's the third time this week.  Rinse you'll feel better."

Then Jan tells Marcia the hard truth, that the dentist is "married with a wife, two kids, maybe even a dog."  As Marcia is ready to tell her dentist she doesn't want to date a married man, he asks her to babysit Friday night.

Guest Stars:
Don Brit Reid (Dr. Stanley Vogel)
Allen Joseph (minister)

#85.  "Everyone Can't Be George Washington"
Original Airdate:  December 22, 1972

Peter's disgusted after he's cast as Benedict Arnold in the school play.

Guest Stars:
Sara Seegar (Miss Bailey)
Barbara Bernstein (Peggy) - Florence Henderson's daughter
Sean Kelly (Stuart)
Jimmy Bracken (Freddie)
Michael Barbera (Harvey)

#86.  "Greg's Triangle"
Original Airdate:  December 8, 1972

Greg has the difficult task of judging a cheerleading contest between his sister and his girlfriend.

Jennifer wants to be a cheerleader, so she starts paying attention to Greg who is on the selection committee. Calling him "Greggy," and acting like a helpless waif, Jennifer kisses up bigtime.  But she drops "Greggy" like a hot potato when Greg picks someone else for the squad.

Guest Stars:
Tannis G. Montgomery (Jennifer)
Rita Wilson (Pat) - Yes, Mrs. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson was the other cheerleader who Greg selected over Marcia and Jennifer.

#87.  "Bobby's Hero"
Original Airdate:  February 2, 1973

Bobby upsets his parents and teachers when he makes a hero of Jesse James.

Horrors.  Bobby gets a C+ on a composition about James due to the subject matter.  Bobby pretends he's Jesse James and walks around the house with a toy gun.  Mike gets an old timer to visit Bobby and tell him the truth about James that he was "a mean dirty killer, a mean dirty killer."  After Bobby has a nightmare, he turns in his guns.   

Guest Stars:
Burt Mustin (Jethroe Collins)
Gordon DeVol (Jesse James)

#88.  "The Great Earring Caper"
Original Airdate:  March 2, 1973

Cindy loses her mother's earrings and enlists Peter's aid in finding them.

#89.  "Greg Gets Grounded"
Original Airdate:  January 19, 1973

A near accident in the family car results in Greg's being grounded.

Greg was looking at the back of an album cover while driving.  After getting grounded from using the family car for a week, Greg gets tickets to a rock concert by borrowing a friend's car.  Mike is steamed, and tells Greg he must live by "exact words" from now on.  Greg realizes that having to live by "exact words" is a bad enough punishment and all is forgiven in the end.

Guest Star:
Hope Sherwood (Rachel)

#90.  "The Subject Was Noses"
Original Airdate:  February 9, 1973

Marcia is dumped by the campus hero because her nose is swollen in an accident.

Marcia gets asked out by nice, sweet Charley, but then "Big Man on Campus" Doug Simpson asks her out.  What to do?  Marcia goes to Greg for advice and he tells her to tell Charley "something suddenly came up."  Then Marcia gets hit by a football and screams what arguably could be the most imitated Brady line of all time "Oh My Nose."  Then Doug pulls the "something suddenly came up" on her.  Charley takes her back, because "I just doesn't want to date your nose, I want to date all of you."  Doug Simpson pops up again in "The Brady Bunch Movie."

This was named the single most popular episode according to entries in my guestbook.  

Guest Stars:
Nicholas Hammond (Doug Simpson)
Lisa Eilbacher (Vicki)
Stuart Getz (Charley)

#91.  "How to Succeed in Business?"
Original Airdate:  February 23, 1973

Peter's after school job in a bike shop hits the skids.

Peter is a horrible bicycle repairman, so he gets fired.  Peter can't bring himself to telling his family that he got axed, so he pretends he got promoted to selling bikes.  

Guest Stars:
Jay Novello (Mr. Martinelli)

92.  "Amateur Nite"
Original Airdate:  January 26, 1973

The Brady kids compete in a local TV amateur contest to win money for their parents' anniversary present.  

Once again, it's Jan that almost ruins the anniversary present  (#61 "The Not So Rose Colored Glasses.)  This time she miscalculates how much the engraving for silver platter is supposed to cost, so the kids are $56.23 short.  Luckily there happens to be a talent contest where the first prize is $100.  The kids perform "Sunshine Day"  and "Keep on Moving."

Guest Stars:
Harold Peary  (Mr. Goodbody)
Steve Dunne (Pete Sterne)  Dunne previously appeared as dastardly Mark Millard in #48 "Alice's September Song."
Robert Nadder (Alfred Bailey)

#93.  "You're Never Too Old"
Original Airdate:  March 9, 1973

Robert Reed and Florence Henderson play dual roles as Mike and Carol's grandparents as well as Mike and Carol.  The exact double was done with Alice/Emma in  #69 "Sergeant Emma" and Peter/Arthur Owens in #111 "Two Petes in a Pod."  It was sort of done with Jan and the old picture of "Aunt Jenny" in #66 "Jan's Aunt Jenny."

#94.  "A Room at the Top"
Original Airdate:  March 23, 1973

Both Greg and Marcia want to use the attic for a private room.

Even though, when Greg wanted his own room back in the first season, Mike mentioned that the attic was only two feet high, that's been long forgotten and now the attic is the perfect bachelor or bachelorette pad.  Greg is awarded the room, but Marcia is crushed, Greg lets her have her way.  Bobby and Peter torment Marcia with crank phone calls until Marcia decides to do the right thing and give the attic back to Greg.

Guest Star:
Chris Beaumont (Hank Carter)

Season Five

#95. "Snow White and the Seven Bradys"
Original Airdate:  September 28, 1973

The Bradys put on the fairy tale to earn money to buy a retirement gift for Cindy's teacher.

Guest Stars
Allan Melvin (Sam)
Elven Havard (police officer)
Frances Whitfield (teacher)

Frances Whitfield was the Brady kids' real life tutor.

#96.  "Mail Order Hero"
Original Airdate:  September 21, 1973

Bobby tells his friends that Joe Namath is also his buddy and now they all want to meet the star quarterback.

Cindy writes a letter that says "My name is Bobby Brady, and I'm very sick..."

Guest Stars:
Joe Namath (himself)
Tim Herbert (Herb)
Larry Michaels (Burt)
Eric Woods (Tom)
Kerry MacLane (Eric)

#97.  "The Elopement"
Original Airdate:  December 7, 1973

The Brady clan thinks Alice is planning to elope with Sam.  

Not this time, it was Sam's cousin.  But Alice was married to Sam by the time "The Brady Brides" hit the air in 1981.

Guest Stars:
Allan Melvin (Sam)

#98.  "Adios, Johnny Bravo"
Original Airdate:  September 14, 1973

Greg is picked to become a rock star during a musical audition with the other kids.  

This time Greg gets the big head and is ready to skip college and become rock star "Johnny Bravo."  But after he finds out he was only chosen because "you fit the suit," he crawled back to the family.  The show fades out to the musical stylings of "Good Time Music."

Guest Stars:
Claudia Jennings (Tami Cutler)
Paul Cavonis (Buddy Beckman)
Jeff Davis (Hal Barton)

Claudia Jennings was the 1970 Playboy Playmate of the Year.  She died in 1979  at the age of 29 in a car accident.

For information on the CD "The Return of Johnny Bravo," click here.

#99.  "Never Too Young"
Original Airdate:  October 5, 1973

When girl-hater Bobby is kissed by a cute little "miss" he thinks he's been exposed to the mumps.  

Cindy catches the kiss and runs around saying "I've got a secret, I've got a secret."  

Guest Star:
Melissa Anderson (Millicent)

Melissa Sue Anderson began her role as Mary Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie" in 1974.  

#100.  "Peter and the Wolf"
Original Airdate:  October 12, 1973

Peter poses as a high school senior so Greg can double date with him.

Greg is psyched because he finally got a date with Sandra (and she's not even a cheerleader.)  But there's a catch, he has to find a date for Sandra's cousin, Linda, who Sandra hasn't seen since her pigtail/braces phase.  None of Greg's friends will go, so he gets Peter to be Linda's date.  Peter poses as Phil Packer, "some stud from another school."  Even with his "devastating charm," Pete/Phil bungles his chance with Linda at the drive-in movie. When he asks Linda "What's that wild scent you're wearing?"  Linda responds "Hot buttered popcorn."   Linda and Sandra try to get even with Greg and Peter by fawning all over Phil on their next date.  The only problem is the Mike and Carol are entertaining clients from Mexico at the same pizza place.  The Calderons are horrified by the foursome's "X-rated" behavior," I'm's embarrassing, those children over there, as you say necking," and Mike's deal is almost canceled.  But all is forgiven after everyone tells the truth.  

Guest Stars:
Cindy Crosby (Sandra)  Cindy is Cathy Lee Crosby's sister.
Kathie Gibboney (Linda)
Paul Fierro (Mr. Calderon)
Aima Beltran (Mrs. Calderon)
Bill Miller (Len)

#101.  "Getting Greg's Goat"
Original Airdate:  October 19, 1973

Greg and his football teammates steal a rival school's mascot, a goat, and he has to hide it in the attic.

Raquel the goat runs amuck in the Brady residence.

Guest Stars:
George D. Wallace (Mr. Binkley)
Sandra Gould (Mrs. Gould) - Gould was Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched.
Margarita Cordova (first PTA lady)
Selma Archerd (second PTA lady)

#102.  "The Cincinnati Kids"
Original Airdate:  November 23, 1973

The Bradys mix business with pleasure at King's Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This time Mike's job brings the family to King's Island amusement park.  After meeting for lunch, Jan inadvertently takes Mike's plans instead of the Yogi Bear poster she bought.  The family frantically searches for the plans, and in the nick of time finds them.  There is a hilarious story about filming the roller coaster scene in "Growing Up Brady."  Coincidently, King's Island is now owned by Paramount.  

Guest Stars:
Hilary Thompson (Marge)
Bob Hoffman (attendant)

#103.  "Quarterback Sneak"
Original Airdate:  November 9, 1973

A gridiron Romeo from a rival school shows a romantic interest in Marcia to get Greg's playbook.

Dreamy Jerry Rogers wants Marcia...wants Marcia to lead him to Greg's playbook.  After the boys snag Jerry in a sting operation, Jerry still doesn't admit his crime.  Greg's football team beats Jerry's even though Greg calls Jerry and tells him about the playbook.  We also meet Carol's college sweetheart "Tank" Gates, who calls Mike Mac and makes the Bradys living room into the Coliseum.  

Guest Stars:
Chris Beaumont (Jerry)
Denny Miller (Tank Gates)
Miller was on a memorable episode of "Gilligan's Island" as the jungle man.

#104.  "Marcia Gets Creamed"
Original Airdate:  October 26, 1973

Marcia's new part-time job at an ice cream parlor causes problems at home and with her boyfriend.

Marcia is having trouble in the romance department again.  This time her new job is getting in the way of her social life with boyfriend Jeff.  Marcia hires Peter to work at Haskell's and he pulls a "Martinelli's bike shop," does a bad job, and Marcia fires him.  Then Marcia hires Jan, and Jan did such a great job, when Mr. Haskell had to choose (he ended his retirement after less than a week), he chose Jan over Marcia.  Yes, you heard it right.  Perhaps the earth was off its axis that day, but Marcia was bypassed for Jan.  It was "Jan, Jan, Jan" over Marcia.  A truly historic episode.

Guest Stars:
Henry Corden (Mr.Haskell)
Michael Gray (Jeff)
Kimberly Beck (girl)

Michael Gray played Billy Batson in "Shazam."

#105.  "My Brother's Keeper"
Original Airdate:  November 2,1973

Bobby saves Peter from being hit by a falling ladder and the older Brady promises to become Bobby's slave for saving his life.

#106. "Try, Try Again"
Original Airdate:  November 16, 1973

Jan considers herself a loser when her latest interest tap dancing, drives the whole family crazy.  

Jan discovers her hidden artistic talent at the end.  Eve Plumb is a talented artist.

Guest Stars:
Judy Landon (Miss Clairette)
Ruth Anson (Mrs. Ferguson)
Darryl Seman (Billy Naylor)

#107.  "Kelly's Kids"
Original Airdate:  January 4, 1974

The Bradys' friends set out to adopt one little boy but end up with three.

This episode was intended as a spin-off to the show, but it wasn't picked up.  The Bradys friends, the Kellys adopt three boys--one white, one black, and one Asian.  Their bigoted neighbor, Mrs. Payne (nice subtle name), isn't leading the welcoming committee:
"I am not a bigot Mr. Kelly.  Mr. Payne and I manage to be cordial to the Shapiros on the next block."

The boys run away to the Brady house because they think "there are so many kids there nobody will notice."

Brooke Bundy was Diana Taylor on "General Hospital" in the early 80's, and of course Ken Berry went on to another famous television family - "Mama's Family."  Todd Lookinland is Mike's younger brother.

Guest Stars:
Ken Berry (Ken Kelly)
Brooke Bundy (Kathy Kelly)
Todd Lookinland (Matt)
William Attmore II (Dwayne)
Carey Wong (Steve)
Jackie Joseph (Mrs. Phillips)
Molly Dodd (Mrs. Payne)

#108.  "The Driver's Seat"
Original Airdate:  January 11, 1974

Marcia bets that she can beat Greg's score on the driver's test.  After Marcia aces the written exam, she's ready to enter the driving world, but she chokes on the driving exam. After she takes her own advice that she gave Jan about imagining people in their underwear, she passes the test on the next try.  To determine who is the better Brady driver, Mike sets up a test in a parking lot, and Greg knocks the egg off the pylon.

Guest Star:
Herb Vigran (examiner)

"Just imagine him in his underwear!"

#109.  "Miss Popularity"
Original Airdate:  December 21, 1973

Jan makes promises she can't keep in order to win a popularity contest at school, and gets herself in hot water with family and friends.

Quite a transformation for Jan.  Just three episodes ago, she couldn't even make the dance recital, now she's running for Most Popular Girl.  

Guest Stars:
Daryl Seman (Herman)
Jerelyn Fields (Shirley)

#110.  "Out of This World"
Original Airdate:  January 18, 1974

Former astronaut James McDivitt, the man who saw a UFO in space, guest stars as UFO fever grips the Bradys.

Guest Stars:
Gen. James McDivitt, USAF (Ret.) (himself)
Mario Machado (himself)
Frank Delfino (Herlo)
Sadie Delfino (Shim)
James Flavin (Captain McCartney)

#111.  "Two Pete's in a Pod"
Original Airdate:  February 8, 1974

Peter literally runs into his double at school and takes him home to play a trick on his family which backfires.

Peter Brady meet Arthur Owens.  Peter brings Arthur home to trick the family, but it backfires when Arthur agrees to go out with Mike's boss's niece.  

Guest Stars:
Denise Nickerson (Pamela)
Kathy O'Dare (Michelle)
Robbie Rist (Oliver)

#112.  "Welcome Aboard"
Original Airdate:  January 25, 1974

Robbie Rist is introduced as a regular member of the cast when he comes to visit.  However he is convinced his is a jinx since things seem to go wrong whenever he's around.

He was a jinx.  Little did anyone know, after five seasons, the show would be canceled.

#113.  "The Snooperstar"
Original Airdate:  February 22, 1974

Marcia sets out to teach snoopy Cindy not to read other people's diaries.

It's not bad enough that Cindy almost lost Marcia's diary in season one, now she's reading Marcia's innermost thoughts.  So Marcia writes in her diary that a talent agent will be coming over to the house.  Cindy puts on "The Good Ship Lollipop" for Miss Fletcher and steals her heart.  

Guest Stars:
Natalie Schafer (Penelope Fletcher)
Robbie Rist (Oliver)

#114.  "The Hustler"
Original Airdate:  March 1, 1974

When the Bradys receive a pool table from Mike's boss, Bobby drops all other activities to become a pool champion.

Guest Stars:
Jim Backus (Harry Matthews)
Robbie Rist (Oliver)
Dorothy Shay (Frances Matthews)

#115.  "Top Secret"
Original Airdate:  February 15, 1974

Bobby and Oliver are convinced that Mike and Sam are involved in a spy plot.

Guest Stars:
Robbie Rist (Oliver)
Allan Melvin (Sam)
Lew Palter (Mr. Gronsky)

#116.  "The Hair-Brained Scheme"
Original Airdate:  March 8, 1974

With high school graduation only days away, Greg discovers he has made a big mistake when he tries out a new hair tonic that Bobby has sold him.

Guest Stars:
Robbie Rist (Oliver)
Barbara Bernstein (Suzanne)
Hope Sherwood (Gretchen)

According to "Growing Up Brady," Robert Reed thought this episode was so ridiculous, he refused to be in it.  We also got a rare glimpse of the laundry room where Cindy kept the bunnies.

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