Alice Nelson was the Bradys' beloved housekeeper.  She worked for Mike before he married Carol and continued to work for the family though were a couple of times Alice tried to quit.  Alice cooked the meals but did not eat with the family.  She had her own room behind the kitchen and would put her hair in curlers before she went to bed.  She dated Sam the butcher but had a fling with Mark Millard.  She sent Jan a locket because she was also a middle sister.  Alice did not drive.  Alice was friends with other housekeepers like Kay, who briefly replaced her, and Lucille Ball's housekeeper.  Alice had a cousin Emma who took over when Alice went on vacation.  Alice always wore her hair up.  Her main goal in life was to get married.  She won a high-fi system in a contest.  Alice was often the comic foil, getting most of the good one liners with self-deprecating humor.  She sprained her ankle and hurt her back in Hawaii. She was Carol's partner for the amusement park rides since Mike was working.  She never fought with Mike or Carol, but once had a falling out with the kids over squealing.

Ann B. Davis

Articles about Alice

In a "Parade" magazine survey about Americans' eating habits,  45% of the respondents said they wanted "Alice from the Brady Bunch" to cook them dinner. - November 2007