Robert Reed


     Robert Reed was born John Robert Rietz in Highland Park, Illinois October 19, 1932.  He died of AIDS related complications May 12, 1992 in Pasadena, California. Robert was an only child.

     He married fellow Northwestern student Marilyn Rosenberg in 1957, had a daughter Carolyn in 1958, and was divorced in 1959.  Reed never remarried.  His daughter and grandson were at his side when he died.


Florence Henderson

Florence and her husband,
Dr. John Kappas (1992)

    Florence Agnes Henderson was born February 14, 1934 in Dale, Indiana and raised with her nine siblings in Owensboro, Kentucky.  

     On January 9, 1956, Florence married theatrical producer and company manager Ira Bernstein.  They had four children; Barbara, Joseph, Robert, and Elizabeth.

     After 25 years of marriage, Florence got divorced.  In 1987 she married hypnotherapist Dr. John Kappas.  Florence and John lived on a houseboat in Marina Del Ray, California until Kappas' death in 2002.

     Florence has kept very busy since her Brady days.  Check out her credits.

Ann B. Davis

Ann B. Davis (1992)

     Ann Bradford Davis and her twin sister Harriet were born May 5, 1926 in Schenectady, New York.  Ann has never been married.  Ann dropped out of show business and moved to Denver, Colorado in 1974.  In 1990, Ann moved to a Christian seminary in Ambridge, PA  with Rev. William C. Frey and his wife Barbara.  They recently relocated to Texas.  

Barry Williams

Barry and Eila Mary Matt

     Barry Williams was born Barry William Blenkhorn on September 30, 1954 in Santa Monica, California and raised in Pacific Palisades.  In real life, Barry is the youngest of three boys, Scott is two years older and Craig is three years older than Barry.  

     Barry married a former Miss Arizona, Diane Martin July 1990.  They were divorced a couple years later and Barry married investment banking executive, Eila Mary Matt January 30, 1999 in a private ceremony in New York City.  Their son was born in 2003 and they were divorced in 2005.

     In 1992, Barry wrote "GROWING UP BRADY...I Was a Teenage Greg", which spent more than three months on the New York Times bestseller list.

     Other recent projects include musical theater and making speaking engagements talking about being a Brady.

Maureen McCormick

Maureen and daughter Natalie in TV Guide-August 10, 1996

     Maureen Denise McCormick was born August 5, 1956 in Encino, California.  She is the youngest in her family.  She has three older brothers: Dennis, Kevin, and Michael.  

     Maureen McCormick is married to actor Michael Cummings and has one daughter, Natalie, born in 1989.

     Maureen's recent projects include the ABC series "Teen Angel" (1997),  the country music album "When You Get a Little Lonely" (1995), and the Broadway version of "Grease" in 1994 as Rizzo.

Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight and his wife Julie.
(People Magazine, June 1, 1992)

     Christopher Anton Knight was born November 7, 1957.  Chris is one of four children in his family.  He has a brother Mark who is one year older, a sister, Lisa who is three years younger, and a brother David, who is seven years younger.

     Chris got married in 1989 to his first wife Julie.   They divorced in 1992.  Chris divorced his second wife Toni, 35, a media sales executive in 2000.  Knight co-founded a computer-devices company in 1998.

    Chris returned to show business as part of "The Surreal Life" on VH1 in 2005.  The show was spun-off into two seasons of "My Fair Brady," which aired in 2005 and 2006.   He married castmate Adrianne Curry in 2006 as part of the VH1 series "My Fair Brady."  

Eve Plumb

Eve Plumb (1991)
(Taken from "The Brady Bunch Book")

     Eve Plumb was born April 29, 1958 in Burbank, California.  She is the youngest of three children.  She has an older sister Flora, and an older brother Ben.  

     Eve married lighting technician Rick Mansfield who she met on the set of the NBC series "Little Women" in 1979.  They divorced a couple of years later.  Eve was the first Brady kid married and divorced.  

    Today, Plumb resides in Laguna Beach, California with her second husband Kenneth Pace.

Mike Lookinland

Mike Lookinland with son Scott Michael pictured in People magazine June 1, 1992.

     Mike was born December 19, 1960 in Mount Pleasant Utah.  Mike has a sister, Terese, two years older, and a brother Todd, four years younger.  Todd guest starred in the "Kelly's Kids" episode.  

     Mike has been married to his wife Kelly since May 1988.  Their son Scott was born in 1990, and Joey was born in 1993.  Mike lives in Utah where he worked on the crew of the CBS show "Promised Land."  Mike was in the news after he was charged with drunken driving after a one-car accident in November 1997.   Son Scott portrayed his dad in the TV movie "Growing Up Brady." 

Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen (1992)

     Susan Olsen was born August 14, 1961, in Santa Monica, California.  She is the youngest in a family of four behind Larry, Christopher (14 years older), and Diane (3 years older.)

     Susan married graphic artist Steve Ventimiglia in the summer of 1988.  She was on her honeymoon in Jamaica while "A Very Brady Christmas" was taping.  That is why she wasn't in that movie.  The marriage lasted two years before they divorced.

     She married for the second time and had her first child, Michael in 1996.

     Susan and her second husband divorced. 

     One of her recent projects included hosting a radio talk show with Ken Ober in Los Angeles in 1996. Currently, Susan is making personal appearances across the country as spokesperson for a woman's migraine support group.