Peter Brady

     Middle son Peter Brady wasn't as hung up as being a middle child as Jan was, but he did some wacky things.  He tried to change his personality, joined the sunflower girls, and secretly tape recorded conversations of his siblings.  He didn't date as much as Greg, but had a date with older woman Linda and fell for Jan's friend Kerry, plus had two dates in one night--with Michele and Pamela Phillips.  Margie Whipple had a crush on him.  He stuck up for Cindy against Buddy Hinton and stood by Jan after she was laughed out of Lucy Winter's party for wearing a wig.  He tried to get out of playing Benedict Arnold in the school play and had one line in "Romeo and Juliet," "Hark!"  He escorted Jan to a dance after Billy Garst wouldn't go with her due to her behavior after she won Most Popular Girl.  Peter played football and was in the glee club.  He had a solo in "When It's Time to Change."  Peter is the only Brady with Brown eyes.  Peter had an exact double named Arthur Owens.  He once saved a girl's life in a toy store and won the "Citizen of the Month" from the local newspaper.  He dared bad luck to come and get him in Hawaii and paid the price when a scorpion crawled on him.  Peter was a reporter for the school paper.  Other identities include "Scoop" Brady and Phil Packer.  He broke Carol's favorite vase.  He threw the football that hit Marcia in the nose.  His hair went from wavy to curly and he sometimes wore Greg's hand me downs.  He made a volcano that sprayed all over the Westdale Boosters.  He worked at Martinelli's bike shop and Haskell's Ice Cream Hut, but was fired from both jobs.  He became Bobby's slave after Bobby saved his life.  He once had a treehouse club with some friends. He owned a detective kit, and tried to find Carol's earrings for Cindy.  He was allergic to Cherry pie. He wanted to be a doctor and thought he was dying.  He had his own magician set.  He was Dracula for a masquerade party.  He entered a frog jumping contest with Bobby.    

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