Michael Paul Brady

Mike Brady

     Mike Brady was the all American father - tall, dark, and handsome. He set the tone for the entire series by deciding to bring the kids on the honeymoon.  Mike was an architect whose job took him to exotic places like King's Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio and Hawaii.  Baseball player Don Drysdale was a client.  Mike worked for Mr. Phillips and Mr. Matthews.  He loved his wife, children, and housekeeper.  Mike was the disciplinarian - installing a pay phone to cut down on the kids' calls, grounding Greg for driving while looking at an album cover, and even scolding Santa Claus for promising Cindy that Carol would get her voice back to sing for Christmas.  Mike was wise, advising Greg about "caveat emptor."  He busted Mr. Duggan in small claims court over "I can't turn my head."  He wouldn't let the family do a television commercial until they proved that Safe made clothes cleaner than Best, saved the family from the jail cell in the Ghost Town, and tracked down the boys when they were trapped by Vincent Price in Hawaii. Mike had a grandfather who was a judge, who ended up eloping with Carol's grandmother.  When the boys found $1100 he forced them to turn the money into the police.  He preached "togetherness."  His hair mysteriously turned curly in the fourth season.  He lectured Harvey Klinger about going steady, and almost came to blows with Buddy Hinton's father. Was a scout leader.  Once skipped a business meeting so he could help Carol shop for a bike for Bobby.  Looked goofy in a pilgrim's hat.  Favored white belts.  Recruited an old-timer to talk to Bobby about Jesse James.  Checked into the shady background of Mark Millard.  Hired Greg to deliver plans for his firm. Once Bobby thought he was an FBI spy.

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