Jan is perhaps the most analyzed of the Brady kids.  Forever linked to the line "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia," the sibling rivalry was exaggerated in the Brady Bunch movies.  Most of the time, Jan got along fine with Marcia.  For more details about Jan vs. Marcia,  click here.  However, there were some problems.  She wore a wig because Lucy Winters addressed her invitation to Marcia.  She tried to remove her freckles with a lemon because Clark Tyson liked Marcia.  She hid all of Marcia's trophies.  She didn't make the cut for a ballet recital, so she attempted tap dancing.  She didn't make the pom pom team.  She drove everybody crazy with her practical jokes.  She didn't like Aunt Jenny, because she didn't want to grow up to look like her.  Jan was the only kid to wear glasses.  She miscalculated the cost of the silver platter.  Jan's looks changed through the years.  She went from a side part to middle.  She started sporting the curl on each side of her hair, and of course she got glasses.  She had a California tan.  She talked with an "h" so when she said something like "well" it sounded like "whell."  Jan had a tendency to swing her hair when she walked.  She thought she won the essay contest, but honestly admitted the teacher made a mistake in grading the paper.  She loved peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.  Alice gave her a locket.  She once wanted to be an only child which was the worst thing a Brady kid could do.  She made up George Glass.  She was elected Most Popular Girl in school, but turned off everybody with her boorish behavior.  Was on the debate team.  Had the line "Who Goes There?" in "Romeo and Juliet."  Was a talented artist.  Told scary ghost stories.  Was allergic to Tiger's flea powder.  Read "Teen Time" magazine.  Was friends with Kerry.  Wanted to be a nurse.  Took Mike's plans by accident at the amusement park.  Was chosen over Marcia to work at the ice cream parlor.     

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Eve Plumb - Now and Then - Courtesy www.abcnews.com - 4/6/07

Ad from Philadelphia Inquirer, early 1990's.

Eve Plumb's Bunch

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