Cindy Brady was the baby of the family.  Her hair started out in curls, evolved into braids, then just long hair.  She had a lisp and loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches--"Mommy, why do you always make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?  Because you love them.  Oh yeah, I keep forgetting."  She wore braces the last season.  She believed in Santa Claus and her favorite doll was Kitty Karry-all.  She liked to snoop and tattle on people. She caught Bobby kissing Millicent.  She read Marcia's diary and thought she was going to be discovered by an agent and sang "The Good Ship Lollipop."  She got lost in the Grand Canyon with Bobby, and pigged out on junk food with Bobby in King's Island. She took ballet lessons, and conspired to get Joe Namath to the house.  She once lost her mother's earrings.  Her hero was Joan of Ark. She got freaked out by the little red light on a TV kids quiz show.  She thought Marcia's boyfriend Jerry Rogers was gorgeous.  She liked testing out the Brady dunk tank.  She won a trophy for exemplary play in Jacks.  She was in the glee club. She was put on report by Bobby for running in the hallway in school.  She got the lead in her first grade play as the Fairy Princess.  She wore dresses and patent leather shoes with ribbons in her pigtails.  Her favorite dinner was swiss steak and spaghetti.  She considered being a model or a professional wrestler as her career.  She had one romance with Tommy, Bobby's friend who Bobby paid to pretend he was her secret admirer.  She was bullied by Buddy Hinton. She had tonsilitis and the sniffles.  


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