Bobby Brady, the youngest boy and second youngest Brady kid was the livliest of the bunch.  Starting out with dark brown hair (courtesy of a dye job), then having sandy brown hair with freckles and braces, though his hair became wavy, he didn't succumb to the perm like the other Brady men.  He was closest to Tiger of all the kids and occasionally suffered from the Napolean complex like when he tried to stretch himself and when he tried to set the teeter totter record to prove little kids could do things.  He had an active imagination -thinking Carol would be a wicked stepmother like in Cinderella, dreaming he was a pool champion, dreaming he was an accomplice to Jesse James, and a teammate to Joe Namath.  He once thought Sam was a spy.  He only had one romance on the show with Millicent.  Bobby wasn't a good drummer, but soloed on "Sunshine Day."  He became a power crazed safety monitor and took advantage of Greg and Peter in separate bets.  He seemed to take glee in the fact he wasn't the youngest boy when cousin Oliver lived with the family.  Bobby once developed a fear of heights and thought he was too good to study for a test.  He was often teamed with his sister counterpart Cindy.  He almost ruined the family by finding the tiki in Hawaii and getting lost in the Grand Canyon.  He favored plaid pants and earth shoes.  He slept in the bottom bunk bed until Greg moved to the attic, then he took over Peter's old spot.  He wanted to be an astronaut.  


Mike Lookinland - Now and Then
courtesy 4/6/07

Mike Lookinland's Bunch

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