Carol Brady was the ultimate 70's mom.  Originally, she wore a bouffant wig, switched to a short cut, then to a shag, then cutting it short again.  Her hair color evolved from yellow to frosted.  Carol was a good singer, doing a solo for Christmas services and performing a duet with Marcia during the Family Frolics.  She could sometimes be overprotective, not wanting Greg to play football.  She had a grandmother from Kentucky, an aunt (Jenny), and a nephew named Oliver.  She was from Swampscott, Massachusetts. She talked on the phone to Martha and Ellie.  She was involved in the PTA, the ticket committee for "Romeo and Juliet" and the anti-smoking campaign.  She was in a fender bender.  She was jealous of Bebe Gallini and Mike's high school girlfriend "Bobo."  She was hoping for a coral pin or a jade necklace from Mike while they were in Hawaii.  She had a good figure and could wear sexy clothes such as cowboy outfits and ski outfits for Mike while planning a weekend getaway. She was affectionate with Mike and supportive of his career--entertaining the Calderons and having a dinner party for Mike's boss and other couples.  She was artistic, doing needlepoint and pottery (she made a bust of Mike's head.)  She dated Tank Gates in high school.  



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