Marcia Brady

     Marcia Brady had it all--looks, brains, and talent.  No wonder Jan was so jealous.  Marcia is the Type-A personality. She ran for student body president, was editor of the junior high newspaper, got the lead in "Romeo and Juliet," was president of the local chapter of the Davy Jones fan club, ran for junior high banquet hostess, was asked out by a high school boy while in junior high, and was going to be asked to be in the Westdale Boosters until Peter's volcano ruined everything.  She had a slight Valley girl accent where she pronounced school like -skewl.  She sported two ponytails the first season, took out the ponytails, and had the California tan.  She had a slight acne problem with blackheads the first season.  She lost the attic room to Greg.  She wore braces for one episode.  She joined yoga, scuba diving, the drama club, karate, and ceramics her first week of high school.  She had a crush on her dentist as well as Davy Jones and Desi Arnaz Jr.  She was asked out on a date by "Big Man On Campus" Doug Simpson.  She was a good singer and performed a duet with Carol in the Friday Night Frolics.  She worked at Haskell's Ice Cream Hut.  She flunked her driver's test on the first attempt.  Was falsely accused of making fun of her teacher.  Liked to wear ponchos and platform shoes.  Along with Greg tried to discipline the younger kids when they got out of line, like when Peter was tape recording their conversations, or when Cindy was snooping in her diary.  Soloed on "When It's Time to Change."  Boyfriends included Alan Anthony, Harvey Klinger, Jerry Rogers, Charlie, and Warren Mulaney.  Danced ballet.  Didn't like Kathy Lawrence and Jennifer.  She cried a few times--when Carol told her she couldn't play Juliet, when she got braces, and after the first day of high school.  

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