Jan was allergic to flea powder in "Katchoo." (4)

All the kids had the measles in "Is There A Doctor in the House?" (10)

Carol had laryngitis in "The Voice of Christmas." (15)

Marcia had to wear braces in "Brace Yourself" (20)

Alice sprained her ankle in "The Big Sprain" (21)

Cindy had the sniffles in "The Babysitters" (27)

Cindy and Carol had Tonsillitis in "Coming Out Party" (37)

Greg cracked his ribs in "Click" (60)

Jan had to wear glasses in "The Not-So Rose Colored Glasses" (61)

Peter's voice changed in "Dough Re Mi"  (64)

Greg was in a surfing wipe-out and Alice's hu went one way, and her la went the other in  "Pass the Tabu" (73)

Marcia had "new school-itis" in "Today I am a Freshman" (75)

Cindy develops "television-itis" in "You Can't Win 'Em All" (82)

Bobby was "very, very sick" in "Mail Order Hero" (87)

Marcia had a broken nose in "The Subject was Noses" (90)

Bobby thought he caught the mumps from Millicent in "Never Too Young" (99)

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