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1.  What is Mike's occupation?

2.  What street do the Bradys live on?

3.  What is Alice's last name?

4.  Who is Alice's boyfriend, and what does he do for a living?

5.  What musical instrument did Greg play?

6.  Who attempted to play the drums?

7.  For what product did the family make a commercial?

8.  Which Brady did not have blue eyes?

9.  Who wore glasses?

10.  Who wore braces?

11.  Name the kids' high school, junior high, and elementary schools.

12.  What is the Bradys' phone number?

13.  What were the names of Peter and Bobby's frogs?

14.  Who was Marcia's boyfriend who collected insects?

15.  What subject did Jan promise Greg's help to a fellow student?

16.  Who was Jan's imaginary boyfriend?

17.  Who was Cindy's favorite doll?

 Who were Mr. Brady's bosses?

19.  Which two cast members of "Gilligan's Island" appeared on the show?

20.  Who sent Jan a locket, and how was the culprit discovered?

21.  What was Carol's last name before Brady?

22.  What was Carol's maiden name?

23.  Who was Fluffy?

24.  What was Mike's middle name?

25.  What breed of dog was Tiger?

26.  Which professional athletes appeared on the show?

27.  What part did Marcia play in "Romeo and Juliet?"

28.  What were Jan and Peter's lines in "Romeo and Juliet?

29.  Where is Alice's room?

30.  Where was Greg's first private bedroom?

31.  What was Jan allergic to?

32.  What book did Greg forget to return to the library?

33.  What was Greg's stage name?

34.  Who caught Greg smoking?

35.  What teen idol did Marcia lust for in her diary?

36.  What rock star came to Marcia's prom?

37.  Who teased Cindy about her lisp?

38.  What did Cindy want for Christmas from Santa?

39.  Who got stuck in Sam's meat locker?

40.  How did the girls win the "house of cards" contest?

41.  What items did the boys and girls each want to buy with their trading stamps?

42.  Who were the Bradys' little-seen neighbors?

43.  Where did Mike install a pay phone?

44.  Where did Marcia, Peter, and Jan work?

45.  What toy store did the Bradys frequent?

46.  What bike shop did Peter work for?

47.  What part did Peter audition for in his school play?  

48.  What is Sam's last name?

49.  What military branch did Alice's cousin Emma serve?

50.  What presents did Aunt Jenny give to each of the kids?

51.  Who was the friend that Carol talked on the phone to sometimes?

52.  What did Bobby and Cindy stash in their flashlights during the Grand Canyon trip?

53.  What sport does Sam play?

54.  What event did Alice miss when she sprained her ankle?

55.  How did Alice sprain her ankle?

56.  Who beat Jan in the essay contest and what was her score?

57.  How much did Greg's first car cost?

58.  Who got a higher mark on the written part of the driver's exam; Marcia or Greg?

59.  Who got a higher mark on the driving portion of the test?

60.  What got mixed up with Mike's plans at the amusement park?

61.  Who was the dentist that Marcia fell for?

62. What elite group did Marcia try to join?

63.  What outlaw was Bobby's hero?

64.  What grade did Bobby get for his composition about his hero?

65.  Match the Brady with the role in the play "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

66.  What was the name of the kids' singing group?

67.  What anniversary were Mike and Carol celebrating when the kids bought them a silver platter?

68.  What pie is Peter allergic to?

69.  What is Bobby's favorite flavor of ice cream?

70.  What type of cars did the Bradys own?

71.  Why did Bobby put Cindy on report at school?

72.  What dessert did Carol and Alice prepare for the hoedown?

73.  Who wanted to be an only child?

74.  Who made a volcano?

75.  Who found the tiki in Hawaii?

76.  Who was the millionth customer when the Bradys went on a studio tour?

77.  Where did Greg and Peter go on their double date?

78.  What alias did Peter use on his double date?

79.  How did Bobby break the car's convertible top?

80.  What television show was Cindy a participant?

81.  What television show was Bobby on?

82.  Who slept on the top bunk bed?

83.  What clubs did Marcia join during the first week of high school?

84.  What was the name of Vincent Price's statue in Hawaii?

85.  What song did Marcia and Carol perform in the "Friday Night Frolics?"

86.  What did Carol perform for Christmas services?

87.  Who was Mr. Duggan?

88.  Which kids were in the car accident with Carol?

89.  How much did the engraving for the silver platter cost per letter?

90.  What color did the hair tonic turn Greg's hair?

91.  What was the name of the hair tonic?

92.  What was the name of the cat that Bobby saved from an abandoned house?

93.  Who was at the top of Greg's "crumb list" and how did he get there?

94.  Who was Alice's friend who was also a housekeeper?

95.  What did the family make for the Junior High carnival?

96.  What did Bobby win from Mike's boss in their pool match?

97.  Why did an agent want to sign Greg to a recording contract?

98.  Who attempted to recreate a scene from "Cyrano de Bergerac?"

99.  What did Mike and Carol go to a masquerade party as once?

100.  What position did Greg play on  the baseball team and football team?

101.  What was the name of the mascot that Greg stole?

102.  Who was Peter's science teacher?

103.  What was the rival school of Westdale High?

104.  Who sang the theme song the first season?

105.  What was Greg's punishment for stealing the rival school's mascot?

106.  Which "Little House on the Prairie" regular appeared on the show?

107.  Which "WKRP in Cincinnati" regular appeared on the show?

108.  What park did the family try to save?

109.  What world record did Bobby and Cindy attempt to break?

110.  Who was Greg's semi-regular girlfriend?

111.  Who had tonsillitis?

112.  What job did Alice take when she briefly quit working for the Bradys?

113.   What was the poster in the girls room?

114.  Who was accused of being a "squealer?"

115.  Who was Peter's double?

116.  Who beat out the Brady kids for the grand prize in the talent show?

117.  Who was Myrna Carter?

118.  When Bobby dreamed he met aliens, what planet were the aliens from?

119.  Where was Carol from?

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