Here are what the visitors to the guestbook said about "Brady Residence."

     The most popular character is Marcia who has almost twice as many votes as runner-up, Jan. (Yes, Jan is in Marcia's shadow even in my guestbook). Cindy, Greg, and Peter are next and Bobby brings up the rear with less than half of the votes as the others. Alice by far is the most popular adult.  She gained around the same amount of votes as Cindy, Greg and Peter. Carol only got a few votes, and nobody named Mike their favorite. Even Mr. Ditmier, Fluffy the cat, Tiger, Oliver, Sam, and B.B. Gallini got some votes. I also want to note that many of you named everybody as favorites.  

I'd have to say I like everybody too, but if I'm pressed, I'll pick Marcia or Alice.

     As for favorite episodes, over 60 different episodes were named which indicates the strength of the show. Considering that many of the later episodes were picked, it shows how little the quality of the show went down in years (something many sitcoms do).

     As a matter of fact, the single most popular episode was "The Subject Was Noses" ("Oh my nose!") #90 from season #4, original airdate February 9, 1973.  Considering that Marcia was named favorite character, it's logical that the favorite episode would be about Marcia.  

     Many votes went to episodes when the kids sang such as "Amateur Night," "Dough Re Mi," and "Adios, Johnny Bravo."  

    The fans also love when the Bradys traveled. "The Hawaii Trilogy," "The Grand Canyon Trip," and "The Cincinnati Kids" episodes all garnered lots of votes.

     Some of the others that earned multiple nominations were "The Honeymoon" (the pilot), "A Room at the Top" (Greg and Marcia fighting over the attic), "Goodbye, Alice, Hello," (When Alice leaves the family and becomes a waitress), "Fright Night," "The Personality Kid," ("pork chops and apple sauce"), and "Getting Davy Jones."

     Most of you chose "all" for favorite episode.  I'd have to agree.  I can't choose one.  But I favor the episodes from seasons 3-5.  

     The age of "Brady Bunch" fans (according to this guestbook) runs from 2 - 76 years old.  Proving the power of reruns, the amount of entries from fans between the ages 13-24 equals the rest of the age groups combined. That means none of the people in this age group were born when "The Brady Bunch" was in first-run episodes.  The next highest amount of entries was from fans between 25-34, followed closely by fans 35-years-old and up. A sixth of the entries are from fans under the age of 12.

     There are fans of the show from all over the world.  We received guestbook entries from Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Korea, Canada, Germany, and Singapore.

    Surprisingly, over 75% of the guestbook entries are female. Either guys don't like to sign guestbooks or "The Brady Bunch" appeals to girls more than guys.  

    Finally, most of the people who signed the guestbook said they enjoyed the entire site of "Brady Residence.".  The most popular part of this site was "Photos," next was "Trivia," then "Cast Bios."  "Brady Timeline," "Jan vs. Marcia," "Alice Uncovered," "The Episode Guide," "Here's the Story," "Songs," and "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" were also named.   

     I want to thank everyone who has signed the guestbook and emailed me.  It is the fans that will continue to keep "The Brady Bunch" alive into the next millenium.