#2  "A Clubhouse is not a Home"
The boys don't want the girls in their clubhouse.

#8  "The Grass is Always Greener"
The girls take cooking lessons from Mike who is a disaster in the kitchen because he is a man.  Carol attempts to teach the boys baseball, but knows nothing about it.

#10.  "Is There a Doctor in the House?"
The girls want to use a female doctor, the boys a male doctor.

#11 "54-40 and Fight"
With their trading stamps the girls want a sewing machine, the boys a rowboat.

#12.  "A Camping We Will Go"
The boys don't think the girls will be able to "rough it."

#16  "Mike's Horror-Scope"
Beebe Gallini wants her factory in the shape of a powder puff or lipstick.

#25  "Going, Going Steady"
Marcia tries to win the love of Harvey Klinger by becoming a bug expert.

#35 "A Fistful of Reasons"
Mrs. Hinton tells Carol that her husband Ralph says raising boys is "man's business."  

#38  "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling"
Jan tries to win the love of Clark Tyson by dressing more feminine.

#40  "The Drummer Boy"
Peter is chastised by his football team for also being in the glee club.

#44  "The Liberation of Marcia Brady" 
Marcia joins the Frontier Scouts and Peter becomes a Sunflower girl.

#60  "Click"
Greg assumes Linette Carter won't want to date him after his injury prevents him from being on the football team.  

#61  "The Not So Rose Colored Glasses"
Jan thinks a boy in her class (Bernie McGuire) will think her glasses will look "positively goofy" and will go bananas.

#70  "The Fender Benders"
The evil Mr. Duggan makes a crack about female drivers.

#71  "My Fair Opponent"
Marcia's mousy classmate Molly Webber gains confidence after she improves her looks and personality.

#86.  "Greg's Triangle"
Jennifer tries to use her sex appeal to convince Greg to pick her for the cheerleading squad.

#104  "Marcia Gets Creamed"
Marcia chooses a job over a boyfriend.

#108  "The Drivers Seat"
Greg assumes he's a better driver than Marcia because she is a girl.

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