Fired or quit?
CN8's John Ziegler leaves the answer up in the air.
Courier Times

John Ziegler's departure from CN8's "It's Your Call" could be a talk show topic in itself.

Though CN8's official statement is that the commentator left the talk show to take a job with WHAS-AM in Louisville, KY; when Ziegler was called for comment, he cryptically answered, "Why I am leaving my hometown of Philadelphia for Louisville would require volumes of interesting material to fully explain. All I will say is that I am looking forward to working for WHAS where I will be very well paid, hope to have my talents appreciated, and will be working for a company that specializes in talk programming."

All other inquiries were referred to his attorney Lloyd Remick, which brings up the matter of why would Ziegler need an attorney? Especially Remick, who last represented former WPVI reporter Rose Tibayan in her battle with WPVI station management. Remick said he was retained to negotiate Ziegler's new contract with WHAS-AM.

However, that doesn't explain why Ziegler suddenly disappeared from the air on June 11, his new job wasn't announced until June 25, or why he would leave a television position in the fifth largest market for radio in the 55th largest market. Did the Washington Crossing native and Bensalem resident quit or was he fired? It's your call.


Once again WPVI is airing the "Sunoco Welcome America" festival on Independence Day. At 10 a.m., Action News Anchorman Jim Gardner will narrate the Philadelphia Liberty Medal presentation. Wally Kennedy will host the Pageant of Flags, followed by the honoring of U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell as a champion of freedom. At 7 p.m., Lisa Thomas-Laury and Dave Roberts host the Fourth of July parade on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway featuring local singing favorite Lauren Hart and the Baha Men who will be sure to sing an inspiring rendition of "Who Let the Dogs Out." At 8:30 Brian McKnight stars in the annual concert capped off by fireworks.


KYW's newest reporter, Ken Stinson, would be great at a cocktail party. Stinson has a degree in Women's Studies from Ohio University (1994), is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and is active with the Anti-Defamation League. If he can cook, I am proposing right now!


Last week, we were wondering about Rick Schroeder. WPHL publicist Jesse Cute reported that he saw "Mr. Silver Spoons/NYPD Blue" at Disney World three weeks ago at the Blizzard Beach water park. Cute said that Schroeder didn't look as good in person, especially in his bathing suit - MEOW!


Banyan Productions is moving its offices with over 120 employees to Independence Square on Fifth and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia. It has produced shows for TLC, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, The Food Network, HGTV, The Travel Channel, PBS, and more. is their web site.

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July 04, 2002