Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
December 16, 2003

Philadelphia's Banyan Productions, which is run by former KYW personality Ray Murray, will be doing its first network series, as it will produce a show for Fox called "Design Intervention."  In yet another twist on Banyan's biggest hit "Trading Spaces," a neighbor or family member tells someone that he/she is design challenged.  The design team does a home makeover, and if the challenged one hates it, he/she can order it restored to its original state.  Production begins next month. 

According to "The Detroit News," Detroit television personality Harry Hairston will be joining WCAU-TV as an investigative reporter and anchor.  Hairston spent 16-years on the air in the Motor City.

It will take two nights to see everything in Lynn Doyle's home for the fifth annual "It's Your Call Holiday Special" Monday and Tuesday on CN8 at 9 p.m.  The special will include a presentation to The Garden of Reflection Memorial Fund, a Bucks County charity organization founded by the families and friends who lost loved ones on 9/11.   

"Mom Always Said Don't Play Ball in the Newsroom"
WCAU news anchor Vince DeMentri fumbled when he was goofing around in the newsroom last week.  Between evening news shows on a Friday night, DeMentri and weather anchor Doug Kammerer were playing "catch" with a real football taken from the sports office. An errant pass hit WCAU reporter LuAnn Cahn in the ear.  Luckily, Cahn was not seriously hurt.  In a phone conversation, DeMentri said, "I felt awful about it. There weren't many people in the newsroom at the time, but it was just stupid."

Cahn, who has battled much more serious health problems such as breast cancer took it in stride.   In an email she wrote, "It was just an accident. Vince was so apologetic after it happened I felt worse for him than me. I didn't cry, I didn't pass out...I was just stunned and got a little headache that didn't last long...I'm fine. No, they shouldn't have been throwing the football around...but boys will be boys...I'm sure it won't happen again. I've seen fistfights and people throw typewriters (I'm dating myself) in newsrooms...this was nothing."

Expect to see local celebrity and recording artist Lauren Hart on Channel 3 soon doing arts and entertainment stories.  A station spokesperson confirmed that she will do at least one piece for the station. 

Observant viewers probably noticed that WPVI weather anchor David Murphy is now being introduced as a meteorologist.  According to a WPVI spokesperson, Murphy earned his certificate at the beginning of November.

The other day, KYW ran a story about ice falling on a woman outside the Loews Hotel in center city.  That led me to ask WCAU news director Chris Blackman if Channel 10, which airs its show "10" there would have a problem running a derogatory story about the hotel.  Blackman said, "Business is business and news is news and the two have nothing to do with each other." 

CBS-3 was so anxious to keep viewers at the end of "Survivor" Sunday night, that Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane did a tease over Jeff Probst's final comments.  Tacky!

Philadelphia radio listeners can enjoy shows devoted to four of the biggest music stars of all time on Sunday.  WMGK 102.9-FM does "Breakfast with the Beatles," WOGL 98.1-FM does "Elvis and Friends," WPHT 1210-AM airs "Sunday with Sinatra," and WMGK 102.9-FM broadcasts "Sunday with Springsteen."  What other artist do you think deserves a tribute show? My vote would be for either Elton John or Billy Joel. You may email me your suggestions.