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The search is on for the Bradiest Brady Family in America!


Is Your Family the Real-Life Brady Bunch?


813 Casting is currently seeking families who resemble TV’s classic family – The Brady Bunch! If you’re a large family, a blended family or maybe just a family that looks a lot like or even sings like the Bradys…you could win your own TV show and we want to hear from you!


Families who bear a resemblance to The Brady Bunch are eligible to be on TV, receive cash prizes and earn bragging rights. The family that best resembles the Bradys will not only win the title (and the ultimate bragging rights) of being the Bradiest Brady Family in America, they will also win the opportunity to be featured in their very own nationally-aired TV show on TV Land!


If you think your family is the real life Brady Bunch, email us at Tell us why you’re just like the Bradys, provide some pictures of your family & include all of your contact info.


You don’t have to actually look like the actors on the show, but it would be great if you did! This is a nationwide casting so you can live anywhere in the United States. You must be over 18 to submit an application.


We’re also seeking roommates who have a living situation similar to Jack, Chrissy and Janet in Three’s Company, and a group of bar patrons who resemble the cast of Cheers! Please forward this casting notice to anyone you think fits these descriptions.