Episodes of "The Brady Bunch" television series
Created by Sherwood Schwartz

Stage Direction by
Jill and Faith Soloway

Music by:  Faith Soloway
Original Music by:  Frank De Vol
Technical Director:  Jim Jatho
Stage Manager: Thia Rogan
Costumes:  Thia Rogan
Set Design:  Dan Kipp, Jim Jatho


Week of:

1/2     Hawaii Bound
Written by Tam Spiva

Guest stars:  Mike Coleman, James Grace, Dan Wachtel, Mary Wachtel

1/9     Pass the Tabu
Written by Tam Spiva

Guest stars:  James Grace, Mike Coleman, Brett Passel

1/16    The Tiki Caves
Written by Tam Spiva

Guest stars:  Joe Bill, James Grace

1/23    Today I Am A Freshman
Written by William Raynor and Myles Wilder

Guest stars:  Laly Torres, Jim Carrane, Brett Passel, Dan Wachtel, Mary Wachtel, Mike Coleman

1/30    Confessions, Confessions
Written by Brad Radnitz

Guest stars:  Tony Starish

2/6     Jan, the Only Child
Written by Al Schwartz and Ralph Goodman

2/13    Juliet is the Sun
Written by Brad Radnitz

Guest stars:  Kate Flannery, James Grace

2/20    Our Son, the Man
Written by Albert E. Lewin

Guest stars:  James Grace, Brett Passel

New York Cast

Andy Richter......Mike

Jane Lynch.........Carol

Pat Towne.........Greg

Becky Thyre......Marcia

Benjamin Zook...Peter

Kathryn Kelly.....Jan

Tom Booker......Bobby

Madeline Long.....Cindy

Mari Weiss..........Alice

Andy Richter (Mike) is married to Becky Thyre's (Marcia) sister Sarah Thyre.  Richter co-hosted  "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," then went on to appear on television and movies. 

Melanie Hutsell (Jan) went on to "Saturday Night Live."

I was lucky enough to  see "Real Live Brady Bunch" at the Village Gate Theatre in New York City twice in 1992.  

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