Florence Henderson was one of the "Classic TV Stars" who played "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" with Regis Philbin on ABC  in 2001.  She competed against Sherman Hemsley, Valerie Bertinelli, Danny Bonaduce, Marian Ross, Adam West, Kim Fields, Ted Lange, and Melissa Gilbert.

Henderson won the second fastest finger question which was:

Put these U.S. states in geographical order starting in the north:

A.  Utah                    B. Louisiana

C. Washington            D.  Tennessee

Henderson got the correct order - Washington, Utah, Tennessee, and Louisiana in 9.79 seconds.

When she got to the hot seat, they aired a clip of when Carol Brady was teaching Greg, Bobby, and Peter how to play baseball.  Regis noted how Florence will always be known as Carol Brady.

Here were her questions:

$100  -  If someone tells you to take five you:

A.  Rest

$200  - People commonly put grated what on their pasta?

A.  Cheese

$300 - Whitney Houston said in her hit song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who..."

A.  Loves Me

Florence needed help from the other celebrities for that question.

$500 - Cat's eye, horn rimmed, and wire rimmed are a type of what?

A.  Glasses

$1000 - From 1966-1971, who played "That Girl?"

A.  Marlo Thomas

Before the $2000 question, Regis talked to Florence about the charity she was playing for, "The City of Hope" hospitals.  It's an organization that helps people with medical bills.  Regis called Florence one of the most versatile performers in show business and briefly discussed her association with Dean Martin.

$2000 - In January 2001, parts of what US state were subjected to rolling blackouts?

A. California

Henderson's husband, Dr. John Kappas, was shown in the companion's seat.

$4000 - On the TV show, "Mork and Mindy," what is the name of Mork's leader?

A.  Orson, Flo needed help on this question.

$8000 - In ancient Rome, the Circus Maximus was used for which events?

A.  Chariot Races - the celebrities helped Florence with this question.

$16,000 - Who wrote "Future Shock," the 1970 best-seller about the rapid growth of technology?

A.  Alvin Toffler

Since most of the other celebrities didn't know the answer, except Marian Ross, Florence asked the audience.  82% said Toffler, so Flo answered Toffler and was correct.

$32,000 -  In a classic "Monty Python" sketch, John Cleese plays a customer trying to return what?

A.  A dead parrot - Danny Bonaduce told Henderson the answer.

$64,000 - The first laser produced a beam that was what color?

A. Red - Florence used her son, Joseph, as her phone-a-friend lifeline.  He knew the answer was red, but wasn't positive.  Florence used the 50/50 to narrow it down to red and white.  She correctly guessed red.

$125,000 -  The 1990 film "Henry and June" was adapted from what writer's intimate diaries?

A. Anais Nin - Florence incorrectly said it was Dorothy Parker.

Henderson won $32,000 for her charity.


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