Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
March 2, 2004

Heading into the final days of February sweeps, WPVI has the lead in all the news races.  With 21 of 28 days in the books, WPVI leads weeknights at 11 p.m. with a 12 rating/20 share.  WCAU is next with an 11 rating/18 share, and KYW is in third with a 9 rating/15 share.  WPVI is the only station to go up in ratings from its network lead-in. 

At 6 p.m., WPVI has more than the combined ratings of WCAU and KYW.  WPVI has a 14 rating/23 share.  WCAU is in second place with a 7 rating/12 share, and KYW is in third with a 6 rating/11 share. 

At 5 p.m., WPVI leads with a 12 rating/22 share, KYW's "Dr. Phil" is in second with a 7 rating/12 share, and WCAU is in third with a 6 rating/11 share.

At 4 p.m., WPVI's "Oprah" leads with an 11 rating/22 share, WCAU is in second with a 5 rating/10 share, and WTXF's "Judge Judy" is tied for third place with the KYW news.  Each has a 4 rating/8 share. 

At noon, WPVI is the lunchtime bully over KYW as WPVI has a 9 rating/24 share.  KYW has a 6 rating/14 share.

From 7-9 a.m., WTXF's "Good Day Philadelphia" is in third place with a 3 rating/7 share, ahead of "The CBS Early Show." Also of note, WPSG's "KYW Newsradio on TV" starring the rolling weather graphics has a 1 rating/3 share.

Here are some other interesting ratings notes.  At 9 a.m., WPHL's "Jerry Springer" beats KYW's "Living It Up with Ali & Jack." At 10 a.m., KYW's "Guiding Light," WCAU's "10" and WPHL's "Maury" are in a three-way tied for second place behind "The Wayne Brady Show" on WPVI.  At 11 a.m., one guy, Bob Barker of "The Price is Right," continues to fend off the four women of "The View" on WPVI.  From 7- 8 p.m., WPVI's "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune" continue to crush the competition. 

Sweeps ends tomorrow.  Ratings and shares were rounded off to the nearest number.  Each rating point equals 28,743 households.  The next sweeps period is in May.

Havertown, PA native Ross Katz, the producer of "Lost in Translation," was thanked by Sofia Coppola, when she won the Academy Award for "Best Original Screenplay" for the film. "Lost" lost to "Lord of the Rings" for "Best Picture."

WPVI news anchor Jim Gardner is the cover story of this month's "Philadelphia" magazine. 

Viewers got a jolt last Monday morning when WTXF traffic reporter Dorothy Krysiuk had (gasp) straight hair.  Keep the curls.  Remember what happened to "Felicity?"

KYW traffic reporter Bob Kelly was promoted to the "grown-up table," aka the main anchor desk at the end of the KYW newscast.  Previously, at the end of the show, Kelly had to awkwardly smile at the camera from his traffic station while the other anchors sat at the desk.  It reminded me of a Thanksgiving dinner with the adults at one table and Kelly at the kiddie table.

General assignment reporter Karen Scullin is the newest KYW hire.  She arrives from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dave Roberts and Cecily Tynan host "The Philadelphia Flower Show Preview" Saturday at 7 p.m. on WPVI.

Here's something that should be put on that annual list of dangerous toys.  "The Dr. Laura" game is now in toy stores, alongside "Monopoly" and others.  Boys and girls, have fun with your favorite conservative radio talk show host telling you to "Do the right thing."  I'll stick with "Candyland."