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This was the exchange between "Fashion TV's" Jeanne Beker, "Just Shoot Me" stylist Katie Sparks, "The View" cohost Star Jones, and Joe Boxer founder Nick Graham.


Sparks - Andy Griffith was such a dependable, hometown guy in his sherriff's uniform, which was really reassuring as a kid.  and Dean Cain as Superman was hot, hot, hot!

Jones - David James Elliott (JAG). Beefcake in a crisp white uniform.

Graham - "Fantasy Island's" Mr. Roarke.  He wore that white suit with such confidence - and never a spot on it!

Beker - Captain Kangaroo.  I don't even know what the hell kind of uniform that was, but he was my first real TV icon.  There'll always be a special place for him in my heart.

EW - "The Brady Bunch's" Alice.  Well, she was a tad butch.  

My comment - If Alice was butch, was does that make cousin Emma?