O'Brien to Bolton: Said I loved you, but I lied
Conan O'Brien held up a copy of a Web capture of the Courier Times and joked about Michael Bolton's quote from an Oct. 8 article.

The Bucks County Courier Times made national television last week when Conan O'Brien repeatedly referred to a story about Michael Bolton written by music correspondent Ed Condran. On NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," the host took shots at Bolton - and the Courier - last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

O'Brien held up a copy of a Web capture of the Courier Times and joked about Bolton's quote from an Oct. 8 article in which Bolton said that he was angry at O'Brien for being friendly in person at celebrity softball games, but then making jokes about him on his TV show. In the interview, Bolton said of O'Brien: "If we ever play another softball game together I'm going to drive the ball through his head. He plays third base but he better play outfield because he won't survive the game." O'Brien did spoofs inspired by the softball quote on all three shows, with a member of his crew struck and "killed" by a softball.

A bemused Condran said he had no idea he would be instigating a celebrity feud when he interviewed Bolton. "People" magazine is planning to write a blurb about the incident. "Late Night" is in reruns this week, so we'll have to wait until Monday to see if the O'Brien/Bolton war continues. Maybe Condran will get invited to mediate.-



To read Michael Bolton's softball threat against Conan O'Brien, click here.October 24, 2002