Channel Surfing
By Laura Nachman
January 23, 2003

       CN8 news anchor Connie Colla, expecting a baby boy, plans to work as far as possible up to her due date of March 30.  Colla said her three-year-old daughter Sophia had an interesting name suggestion for her little brother. "Sophia wanted to name him Cinderella.  I told her he may get teased in school about that one, so she said, "Ok mom, how about Boy Cinderella?"  Arthur Fennell will anchor solo while Colla is on maternity leave. Colla, with CN8 for two years, said that working the 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. news allows her to spend most of the day with her kids, which makes a great balance.  Colla began her career in Philadelphia as the co-anchor of the morning news on WCAU from 1995-2000. 
       Meanwhile Fennell's ex-wife Toni Yates is returning to WPHL from maternity leave WPHL Monday, January 27.  Yates, 40, became a mom for the third time in early December, when she gave birth to Gabriel Wendell Harvey. 
       That upcoming CN8 mid-morning newscast will be based out of the New Castle, Delaware Studios where the 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. news resides (yes, the Philadelphia news is broadcast from out of state).  However, the daily shows "Money Matters Today," "It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle," and "The Sports Connection with Lou Tilley" are taped in a Center City location.  It's admirable that CN8 is adding more local programming, but why is it expanding during the week, instead of starting a weekend newscast?  News doesn't stop on the weekend, right Eagles?
       "Sex and the City" fans don't have to wait until the season opener in June to see Sarah Jessica Parker and company.  The book "Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell" is available in bookstores.  It includes over 750-full color photographs and everything one would want to know about the show, which just won a "Golden Globe" award for Kim Cattrell.  Penn Valley natives Elisa Zuritsky and Julie Rottenberg are writers for the HBO hit show.
       Though WCAU fill-in weather anchor Kirk Clyatt may not have a full-time job, he does have a web site,  WCAU continues to search for another full-time meteorologist to join chief meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz, Bill Henley, and Amy Freeze.
         Expect a new set to be debut on KYW's "Eyewitness News" in February.    This is reaching, but maybe one bright spot in the Eagles loss to Tampa Bay is that we won't see the requisite "cheesesteak shop in San Diego" stories.