Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
July 8, 2003

Cecily Rocks!

WPVI superwoman/meteorologist Cecily Tynan is having a great summer.  Tynan got national exposure filling in for Tony Perkins on ABC's "Good Morning America" on July 1.  The marathon runner/biker/swimmer qualified for the "Ironman World Championships" in Kona, Hawaii in October and the "Duathlon World Championships" in Switzerland.  Tynan, whose normal workout regimen is intense reports that she's "training more than ever now."  Scary!  She's also on the cover of "Main Line Today" magazine.

WPHT 1210-AM host Jeff Katz had a personal connection to the death of Buddy Hackett.  Katz, who previously worked in Las Vegas is best friends with Hackett's son, Sandy.  Katz said, "Buddy was truly the funniest person to ever grace the planet - could make you laugh without ever saying a word."

According to a station source, WCAU's Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz was told by an appearance consultant to shave his mustache, thus the chief meteorologist is clean-shaven for the first time since 1978.  Schwartz, who replaced John Bolaris at the beginning of this year, is under more scrutiny since he was promoted to the top spot.  Could the bow ties be next to go?

The CBS-3 and "Philadelphia Magazine" "Best of Philly" special is July 28.  Ukee Washington and Kathy Orr will host.

Sources at CBS-3 are reporting that the fall schedule will feature a new newscast at 4 p.m., followed by "Dr. Phil" at 5 p.m., and news at 6 p.m.  John Edward and "Crossing Over" will cross over to sister station WPGS.  "Living it Up with Allie and Jack" will replace it at 9 a.m.  Allie is Alexandra Wentworth, formerly of "In Living Color" and the wife of former Bill Clinton aide George Stephanopolous.  Jack is former NBC talent Jack Ford.  Also, "Pyramid" will move to 3 p.m. and "Inside Edition" (I can't believe this show is still on the air) gets the 3:30 timeslot.  "Millionaire" with Meredith Vieria gets demoted to the graveyard shift.  If I were programming Channel 3, I'd keep "Millionaire" in the afternoon.  "Entertainment Tonight" and "Hollywood Squares" will return for the 7 p.m. block.

"Port Chucked"
No word from WPVI on what it will do with the extra half hour of time it will be given in October when "Port Charles" goes off the air.  The soap airs at 12:30 p.m.

Concert Reports
Former WTXF news anchor Jill Chernekoff was spotted at the James Taylor concert at the Tweeter Center Center.  KYW's Larry Mendte and WTXF's Dawn Stensland were front-row at the Jackson Browne concert at the Mann Center for Performing Arts last week.

"You're It!"
Penn Valley natives Elisa Zuritzky and Julie Rottenberg of "Sex and the City" were named "It Writers" in the recent "It" issue of "Entertainment Weekly."