Nathan's brand of humor right down Oscar's Lane

Speaking of the Academy Awards, here's who could play some of our town's stars.

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Another Academy Awards is in the books and here's to putting Whoopi Goldberg out to pasture. With the host too many times putting the "Whoops" in Whoopi, here's a vote for Nathan Lane to host The Academy Awards next year.

Lane had as many funny lines in his two minutes as a presenter as Goldberg did the entire show. Lane, who recently ended his starring stint in "The Producers" on Broadway, has hosting experience, as he hosted The Tony Awards. OK, so nobody watches The Tony Awards, but he would be great.

Speaking of the Academy Awards, here's who could play some of our town's stars:

Dawn Stensland
Sela Ward

Paul Moriarty
Emeril Lagasse

Cecily Tynan
Michele Pfeiffer

Steve Levy
Robert Urich

"Young" Dave Roberts
David Boreanaz

Monique Braxton
Vanessa Williams

Dorothy Krysiuk
Keri Russell ("Felicity")

Larry Kane
Dustin Hoffman

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz
Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)

Matt Yallof
"Screech" from "Saved by the Bell"

Jim Gardner
Richard Dreyfuss

Sue Serio
Emme of E! or Courtney Love

Larry Mendte
Bill O'Reilly

Lou Tilley
Clark Gable

Marge Pala
Sissy Spacek

Dave Schratweiser (w/goatee)
Colonel Sanders

Arthur Fennell
Luther Vandross (skinny)

Connie Colla
Gabrielle Carteris

Scott Hanson
Jason Priestley

Lisa Thomas-Laury
Young Diahann Carroll

Carol Erickson
Calista Flockhart

Ukee Washington
Denzel Washington (real life distant cousins)

Don Polec
"Weird" Al Yankovic

Steve MacLaughlin
Frankie Muniz


Three candidates running for Governor of Pennsylvania - Edward G. Rendell, Robert P. Casey, Jr., and Mike Fisher - will be featured on "Issues PA: Meet the Candidates" Thursday at 8 p.m. on WHYY-TV, hosted by Tracey Matisak. Matisak's old co-worker, former WTXF-TV news director, John Mussoni is working as a producer for the show.


KYW-3 will be getting a lifeline from the daytime version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" in the fall. The faltering prime time version is waiting for a renewal from ABC. KYW-3 already airs the daytime version of "The Weakest Link" with George Gray.


WPHT 1210-AM finally enters the computer age, as it launches its first web site - HTTP:// - this week. Why was Bruce Springsteen's 1993 hit "Streets of Philadelphia" played on WPTP 96.5-FM "The Station of the '80's" recently? A picture of the KYW 1060-AM microphone made it to a recent issue of "People" magazine. It's seen in a picture of Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali in the edition with Fox on the cover.


I never thought I'd say this, but I was wishing for Robyn Stevens on the CN8 news the other night when "The Weather Man Who Won't Go Away," Craig Weber, appeared subbing for her. Weber can add CN8 to his resume, which includes NJN, WPHL and KYW.



Monday, April 1, 2002