Best and Worst in Local Sports Programming 2003
By Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
December 19, 2003

Favorite Show - "Sports Final" featuring the three-headed monster of Vai Sikahema, John Clark, and Howard Eskin on WCAU.  Any combination of the three is good, especially when Clark pesters Eskin.

Least Favorite Show - "Sports Extra" with the no-names on WPHL.

Worst radio show - The A.J. Feeley show on WIP. Third string quarterback, third-rate show. The next time he says something interesting will be the first time.  He makes his girlfriend Heather Mitts look like a hard-hitting journalist.

Channel zzzzz - Donovan McNabb's thumb may have healed, but his boring television show continues to hurt. 

Second Guess - Did Mike Missanelli and Joe Conklin do the right thing to leave WIP for WMMR? 

Unsuccessful Coup D'Etat - Program Director Tom Bigby survives management shakeup at WIP.

Experience not needed - Soccer player Heather Mitts kicks her way into a job in the fifth largest television market on WCAU.  She joins "10" correspondent Linda Swain who had no television experience before joining the she station and "Traffic Child" John Ogden, who moved onto the air straight out of LaSalle. 

Fight Club - Rush Limbaugh v. Donovan McNabb, WPHL's Geraud Moncure v. his producer, Glen Macnow v. Dave Spadaro, Steve Fredericks v. Freddie Mitchell, The Philly Guys v. WIP, Don Tollefson v. Pete Rose, Howard Eskin v. Richard Sprague and Allen Iverson, Howard Eskin v. Nate Blackwell, and the perennial, Howard Eskin v. Angelo Cataldi

Tolley-gate- WTXF's Don Tollefson was late for his own sportscast after the Eagles' loss to Tampa Bay in January.

Just get it over with and book a flight to Oregon - New CSN "Sixers Post Game Live" analyst Bob Salmi replaced John Nash who left to join the Portland Trailblazers, who replaced Jimmy Lynam who joined the Blazers the year before.

Addition by Subtraction - CSN wisely cut New York Giants' QB Dave Brown after one lackluster season on "Eagles Post Game Live."

The Most Expensive Radio Commentator in History - Millionaire Todd MacCulloch for Sixers broadcasts on WIP.

National Stars - Al Morganti of ESPN, Brian Baldinger of Fox, Dave Frankel of ESPN, Beasley Reece of CBS, and Dei Lynam of TNT.

Best Nickname - Howard "The King of Bling" Eskin of WCAU and WIP

Worst Nickname - Vinnie "The Crumb" of WMMR 93.3-FM

My youth is over - Bill Bergey shaved his beard

Hello There, Goodbye - Al Meltzer quietly was shown the door by CSN 

Carpetbagger - Hey, Jody MacDonald, do us a favor, leave the WYSP Eagles pregame show and stay in New York.

Best Damn Sports Announcer Period - John Kruk shuns Hollywood for the Phillies

Chuck Bednarik Award - WPVI's Scott Palmer continues to work as a two-way player for sports and news.

Worst Accent - CSN's Dei Lynam.  The word "not" isn't pronounced "nat."

Two weeks ago, it was reported that KYW's "Eagles' Total" Access upset WCAU's "Sports Final" for second place in the Sunday night sports shows competition.  In fact, "Total Access," which began at midnight that week had a 2.9 rating to put it in third place behind "Sports Final" and WPVI's "Football Frenzy."