Reece won't pull up anchor on Channel 3

After a flirtation with WCBS in New York City, KYW weekday sports anchor Beasley Reece has decided to stay in Philadelphia.

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After a flirtation with WCBS in New York City, KYW weekday sports anchor Beasley Reece has decided to stay in Philadelphia.

"To be a sportscaster in Philadelphia is one of the most coveted jobs in the country," said Reece, a four-year veteran of Channel 3, who has 11/2 years remaining on his contract. "The only reason I considered that option was because of the many changes at our station, but once (KYW general manager) Peter Dunn assured me that sports weren't part of the changes, I was relieved."

An avid golfer with a 6-handicap, Reece, 48, lives with his wife off of the fourth fairway of Laurel Creek Country Club in New Jersey and didn't want to leave the Delaware Valley. His older son, Brent, 23, is a college student at Cheyney University. His younger son, Blake, 18, is attending motorcycle school in Florida, with hopes to become a professional racer.

A former NFL player with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Reece, a communications and music graduate of North Texas State (he practices the piano every day), has worked on the national scene for more than a decade. He was a color analyst for NFL games on NBC from 1991-98, then moved over to CBS when it took over the AFC package in 1998. It was Reece's decision to switch to sideline reporter for CBS, so he could devote more time to his duties at KYW. One of Reece's best friends at the network is former teammate and No. 1 analyst Phil Simms.

When Reece played for the Giants (1978-83) and Bucs (1983-84), he always dabbled in broadcasting, thanks to advice from former Eagles head coach Ray Rhodes, who was his teammate on the Giants."Ray told me to always sign autographs, try to meet people, and do whatever is asked, because five years after the playing career is over, we'll be forgotten," Reece said.

Reece's schedule during football season has him doing the news for KYW Monday through Thursday, traveling to his destination with CBS announcers Kevin Harlan and Randy Cross on Friday, meeting with the home team head coach and star players Friday night, doing the same with the visiting team Saturday, then getting six "hits" per game as a sideline reporter on Sunday. Then he must catch a flight back in time to do the news the following day.

Philadelphia viewers will get to see Reece in action Sunday when the Tennessee Titans visit the Giants. Reece said he eventually would like to pursue coaching, but right now he is staying put with KYW.


A Philadelphia sports posse attended a reception for the release of "Only The Strong Survive: The Odyssey of Allen Iverson," by the new editor-in-chief of Philadelphia magazine, Larry Platt. Spotted were Comcast SportsNet's Leslie Gudel and Michael Barkann, WIP's Howard Eskin, Anthony Gargano, Dick Jerardi, and "Big Daddy" Graham, Sixers general manager Billy King, WPVI's Wally Kennedy (haven't figured out his sports connection), and Randall "Tex" Cobb. However, the subject of the book wasnt there. Platt joked A.I. was probably rolling out of bed at that time (6 p.m.).


Here are two shallow highlights of the Eagles-49ers game on Monday night: The beer commercial set to the rocking version "What a Wonderful World" and John Madden using the telestrator on the turducken.

Laura Nachman covers television and radio sports for the Courier Times. She can be reached at bradyresident@aol.com.

November 29, 2002