Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times

December 26, 2006


Within hours of last week's column that provided the link to NBC10 news anchor Lori Delgado’s mistake on, it was taken off the web site.


When asked if Channel 10 complained to, NBC10 news director Chris Blackman wrote in an email, “I don’t know who was responsible for posting the video.  I don’t know who was responsible for taking it down.”


"You Tube" is full of vintage videos from local stations 3, 6, 10, 17, and 29.  Here were some classics that I found.


Here were some of the “6ABC” clips.


“Action News Opening” from 1985 featuring Rob Jennings:


There was also a “Fall 1989 Open” with Marc Howard and Lisa Thomas Laury:


And a clip for the Channel 6 “50th Year Anniversary,” featuring Jim O’Brien.


Then, that led to this Larry Kane clip from when he worked at WABC in New York City in 1977:


There were many vintage NBC10 clips:


NBC10 open from 1998:


Here’s another NBC10 opening:


And an embarrassing "Seinfeld" 1996  weather promo with John Bolaris and Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz:


This led to a link to a Larry Mendte clip from his days in San Diego:


Here's a Channel 10 Opening circa 1987 with Stan Stovall and Alan Frio:


And if you are missing former Channel 10 reporter Uze Brown Washington, you are in luck:


When doing a search of “Channel 3 Eyewitness News,” there were some classics:


Eyewitness News 1977 with Jessica Savitch:


Eyewitness News 1977, Vince Leonard, Jessica Savitch, Jack Jones, Bill Kuster, Al Meltzer:


Then that led to a link to Jessica Savitch’s final NBC "News Digest" where she was slurring her words:


For Channel 17, here’s former Phillie Greg Gross awkwardly doing a promo for “Good Times:”


Here is a promo for the1980 Channel 17 when it was “The Great Entertainer:”




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