By Laura Nachman
Philadelphia Metro

November 25, 2005


To celebrate Thanksgiving, here are our turkeys of the fall.


“The Apprentice” – America is sick of the overexposed Donald Trump and his show.  Plus, “The Apprentice:  Martha Stewart” doesn’t deserve a satisfactory job review.  NBC agrees.  Martha won’t be back for a second cycle.


Guilty! - Lawyer shows “Head Cases” with Chris O’Donnell and “Just Legal” with Don Johnson were two of the first shows to get the ax.


Charlize Theron – “North Country” bombed and her guest-appearance on “Arrested Development” couldn’t save it from cancellation.  Her boyfriend Stuart Townsend’s show “Night Stalker” also got canned.


“Alias” – The curse of Ben Affleck continues, as his girlfriend Jennifer Garner’s show is getting lost in the shuffle at 8 p.m. on Thursday vs. “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Survivor,” “Joey,” “Smallville,” and “The O.C.”


“But Can They Sing?” – This is even embarrassing for VH1, the home of “My Fair Brady” and “Breaking Bonaduce.”


Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson – The ex-spouses both flopped with their new shows on WB.  Johnson’s show “Just Legal” got canceled first because it started before Griffith’s awful “Twins.”


NBC – The once “Must See TV” network is struggling to stay out of fourth place.  Veterans “The West Wing,” “ER,” and “The Apprentice” are on the downside.  “Joey” will probably get canceled at the end of this season and lame-duck “Will and Grace” is in its final season.