Air Waves
by Laura Nachman
Philadelphia Metro
October 27, 2005

Since Philadelphia is one of the handful of markets across the country that is using Local People Meters (which mesaures ratings electronically on a continuous basis instead of through the old manual diaries that viewers filled out and mailed to Nielsen), we don't have to wait until November sweeps to gauge numbers.

Here is what is winning and losing for Philadelphia daytime viewers.

Philly can't get enough of "Oprah," "Dr. Phil" and "Regis & Kelly."  As for the ratings for rookie shows "Martha" and "Tyra,"  let's just say we're just not that into you. 
Dear Martha, Your numbers are so low that even "The
People's Court" is beating her.  But look on the bright side--at least you aren't in jail.
And as for "Tyra" on UPN57, it's last in its timeslot. I can
understand coming in behind "General Hospital"  and "Ellen," but "Pokemon?" Yikes.  

Daytime Doings
"Good Morning America" wins the ratings in Philadelphia, even though "The Today Show" wins nationwide (though GMA is closing the gap).  That helps lead to victories in the morning for the strong-as-ever "Regis & Kelly" at 9 a.m. and the undeserving "Tony Danza Show" at 10 a.m.

Everybody knows that "Oprah" rules across the country.  In Philly,
"Oprah" gets double the ratings of her nearest competitor The NBC10 News. 
Oprah's protege Dr.Phil should be called "Dr. Phil-adelphia" as he
beats everything except "Action News at 5 p.m."

Local Flavor
For two locally-produced shows, there is good news and bad news. 
The good news for Fox29's "Good Day Philadelphia" is that it beats the national show "The Early Show" (also known as the home to "Survivor" cast-offs) on CBS.
The bad news is that at 10 a.m., NBC10's "10" comes  in fifth in its
timeslot behind  "Maury" and "Judge Hatchett."