On The Air
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
September 28, 2007


Here are my observations about Comcast SportsNet, which celebrates its tenth anniversary October 1.  


MVP – Michael Barkann


Runner-Up – Neil Hartman


Henry and Jane Fonda Award – Jimmy Lynam and Dei Lynam


Blinked and You Missed Him – Erick Weber


Blasts from the Past – Pete Christy, Pat Boyle, Dave Brown, Glenn Wilson, Matt Yallof, Matt Fine, Mike Rodgers, Scott Hansen, Joe Kerrigan, Al Meltzer, Steve Mix


Land of Misfit Toys – Former broadcast sports guys Ron Burke, Michael Barkann, Neil Hartman, and Phil Andrews found a home at CSN.


Lifers - Derrick Gunn, Neil Hartman, Leslie Gudel, Dei Lynam, Michael Barkann


Second Chance Award – Original hire Ron Burke briefly left CSN for NBA TV, then returned.


Unlikely Television Stars – Fred Bibbo the Security Guard, Ray Didinger, Mitch Williams


Not ESPN Yet – ESPN doesn’t run infomercials in the middle of the day.


Overrated Show – “Daily News Live” (Doesn’t “Bucks County Courier Times Live” have a nicer ring?)


Underrated Show – “SportsRise”


Lucky There Aren’t Term Limitations for “Post Game Live” – Gov. Ed Rendell


Best Dressed – Vaughn Hebron, Michael Barkann, John Boruk


Worst Dressed – Bill “Bad Santa” Conlin


Spinal Tap Drummer Award – Past beat reporters for the Flyers include Erick Weber, Scott Hanson, and Pat Boyle.


Bigger and Better Things – Former producer and sometime on-air talent Sean Murphy is succeeding at CW57 and CBS3.


Reality Check – Except for a few big games, the ratings for most of the CSN shows aren’t anything great.


New Voice, Familiar Name

BCCT contributor Ed Condran will be co-hosting the evening show on "Sports Talk 950" tonight (Friday) from 7 - 11 p.m.


He Has More Jobs Than Ryan Seacrest

Jon “I Love Being on TV” Runyan can be seen in commercials for McDonalds, Ford trucks, hosts his own show on WIP and appears on CSN and Fox29.  Somehow he squeezes in his weekly Eagles’ game too