By Laura Nachman

Delaware County Daily Times
September 17, 2007


Here are the highs, lows, yes's and nos from the “59th Annual Primetime Emmys.”


Great Start – Fox began the show with a witty song by Brian and Stewie of “Family Guy” that made fun of the other networks.


Best Dressed – Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Searcrest, Robert Duvall, Kiefer Sutherland, Kyle Chandler, Tony Bennett, Patrick Dempsey,


Worst Dressed – Terry O’Quinn (“lost” with his orange shirt and shiny tie), Jaime Pressly (“St. Pauli Girl” reject), Thomas Haden Church (no tie), Ellen DeGeneres (don’t try to accessorize), Hayden Panettiere (she should be named “Tanettiere” with her skin color), America Ferrera, Marcia Cross


Seeing Red – Julia Louis Dreyfus, Felicity Huffman, Ali Larter, Kate Walsh, Heidi Klum, Mary Louise Parker, and Catherine Morris wore versions of red gowns.


Best Makeovers – Edie Falco, Catherine Morris, Chandra Wilson, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Felicity Huffman, Hugh Laurie


Host Report Card – Ryan Seacrest seemed more comfortable introducing Tony Bennett and Christina Aguilera than trying to banter with the “Desperate Housewives” and other assorted audience members (and doing nothing to quell questions about his sexuality).  Wisely, the producers kept his role to a minimum. Bring back Conan O’Brien or hire Brad Garrett who always is a great presenter.  


TMI (Too Much Information) – Thomas Haden Church said that earlier he jumped out of a limousine to pee.


Guttermouth – Katherine Heigl was bleeped while saying “Oh S—“ when she won for Best Supporting Actress in a drama, said her mother thought she didn’t have a shot in h--- to win, and finished her speech by saying that she worked her a-- off to get this!


Andy Reid Time Management Award - The producers let the first presenter, Ray Romano ramble on endlessly, then cut short all the winners’ speeches.


Britney, Take Notes – Classy Christina Aguilera looked and sounded great in her duet with Tony Bennett.


Does Anybody Else Want to See “Jersey Boys?” – “Jersey Boys” and “The Sopranos” – perfect together.


Helen’s having a “Helen-a” Year – Helen Mirren follows her “Academy Award” for “The Queen” with an Emmy for “Prime Suspect.”


“Back to You” promo count – The new Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton sitcom was given at least three by 10 p.m.  That doesn't count their role as presenters.
Sopranos Almost Doesn't Go Out with a Bang - Michael Imperioli, Aida Turturro, James Gandolfini, and Edie Falco lost in their respecitve categories - Criminal!  However, they were redeemed in the end when "The Sopranos" won for "Best Drama."