The Comeback
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
September 3, 2005


For those who have enjoyed HBO’s wickedly funny “The Comeback,” the season finale Sunday at 10:30 p.m. lives up to the high stardards set the previous 12-episodes.  The Lisa Kudrow sitcom produced by “Sex and the City’s” Michael Patrick King has delivered at least one huge laugh every episode.


The series was about washed-up actress Valerie Cherish (Kudrow) who starred in a reality series called “The Comeback.” “The Comeback” documented Valerie’s role on a typical network sitcom called “Room and Bored.” 


The show depicted Valerie’s dealings with the show’s writers, younger co-stars, her reality show producers, and other assorted show business people.  It perfectly captured the phoniness of reality shows, show business, and humans in general.


In Sunday’s episode, Jay Leno guest-stars, as Valerie appears on “The Tonight Show.”  It’s funny to see all the preparation that goes into those little five to ten minute spots on the couch.


Kudrow, who was part of an ensemble for a decade on “Friends,” has no problem being the main star of the show. She gets funny support from Lance Barber as cruel writer/producer Paulie G., Robert Michael Morris as her hairdresser Mickey, and Damian Young as her husband.


HBO hasn’t made a decision on whether the show will return next summer.  I hope it give “The Comback” the same treatment it did for “Entourage,” which didn’t get great ratings in its first year and was renewed.  Now, in its second year, “Entourage” has gotten more acclaim and better ratings.  “The Comeback” deserves to come back next summer.