Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
August 28, 2007


Former WB17 news director Rich Scott reacted to the cancellation of Fox’s “Anchorwoman” after one episode.


“Bad television, regardless of the subject matter, deserves to be canceled after a single airing. 

In the end, despite all the chest thumping by journalism experts (including me!) about the show and its potential impact on local newscasts and the reputation of journalists, the viewers apparently saw it for what it was...a cheesy reality show with a flimsy premise that wasn't very good.

Nobody watched. And now it’s gone.”


On the opposite end of the television scale, a show that everybody watches, “American Idol,” held its first-ever auditions in Philadelphia yesterday.  Judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson are expected to hit town within the week to watch those who passed yesterday’s try-outs.


For those who were surprised by Doug Kammerer's defection to CBS3, evidently there was a hint in the new issue of "Philadelphia" magazine, as the former NBC10 meteorologist is seen in a photograph taken in July at the magazine's "Best of Philly" party with CBS3 general manager Michael Colleran and other Channel 3 people.


Where’s Your Cruise Director, Julie McCoy?

Bucks county resident and former “Love Boat” star Jill Whelan’s one woman show, “Dry Dock” comes to Bob Egan’s Cosmo Lounge in New Hope, PA September 9 at 7:30 p.m.  Whelan does a Saturday morning show on WPHT 1210-AM.


The finale of the mini-series “The Bronx is Burning,” airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ESPN. Since the finale is about the 1977 “World Series,” we know the ending (Yankees win). I liked Oliver Platt as George Steinbrenner.


WBEB 101.1-FM was the top rated radio station in the July Arbitron ratings.  Here’s the top 20: 

1.      WBEB 101.1-FM

2.      WOGL 98.1-FM

3.      WMGK 102.9-FM

4.      KYW 1060-AM

5.      WIOQ 102.1-FM

6.      WBEN 95.7-FM

7.      WRDW 96.5-FM

8.      WISX 106.1-FM

9.      WRFF 104.5-FM

10.  WMMR 93.3-FM

11.  WPHI 100.3-FM

12.  WDAS 105.3-FM

13.  WUSL 998.9-FM

14.  WXTU 92.5-FM

15.  WPHT 1210-AM

16.  WPST 94.5-FM

17.  WRNB 107.9-FM

18.  WPPZ 103.9-FM

19.  WYSP 94.1-FM

20.  WIP 610-AM