Air Waves

By Laura Nachman

August 25, 2005


In what looks to be a lackluster syndicated fall season, this year’s major newcomers are Martha, Tyra and “Sex.” 


NBC10 airs Martha Stewart’s new show weekdays at 11 a.m.  It replaces “Jane Pauley,” who attempted to be a one-woman “The View.”  Though many feel Martha got a raw deal with her jail sentence I know I don’t feel bad enough to watch her new show five days a week. 


Tyra Banks of “America’s Next Top Model” tries the talk-show route on UPN 57 at 3 p.m.  Tyra will probably suffer the same fate as another prime time star that tried daytime, Ryan Seacrest of “American Idol,” who failed with his daytime show. 


Also on UPN57, the sitcoms “The Bernie Mac Show” and “South Park” make their syndication debuts. “South Park” has the potential to do well, since like animated shows like “The Simpsons,” the characters don’t age.


“Sex and the City” joins the WB17 lineup weeknights at 11 p.m. and 12 a.m.  Though I was initially skeptical that “Sex” could translate to a non pay-cable world, the reruns on TBS were just as funny as the original.


“My Wife and Kids,” a mildly successful sitcom on ABC until “American Idol” blew it out of the water, makes its syndication debut. WB17 continues to be the “Trash Talk” capital with “Jerry” and “Maury.”


NBC10 is realizing the error in its ways by bringing back the reality series “Starting Over.”  Last year, it dumped “Starting Over,” which got better ratings for WB17 then “Jane Pauley.”  To make room for “Martha” and “Starting Over,” NBC10 is dropping “Montel” which moves to WB17.  “Ellen” continues at 3 p.m. Ellen DeGeneres will host the “Primetime Emmys” in September.


CBS3 continues to have bad luck at 9 a.m.  “Larry Elder,” “Living it Up with Ali & Jack,” and “Crossing Over with John Edward” all failed in that timeslot.  This year,  “The Suze Orman Show” was supposed to air at 9, but the show wasn’t ready for the fall. Instead, CBS3 will air the previous night’s “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider.” (Oh boy, two Pat O’Briens a day.)


6ABC boasts an unchanged daily lineup.  The only main addition is the movie review show “Ebert and Roeper” on Saturday at midnight.  Its 7 p.m. block of “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” is in its second decade on the air.  Pat Sajak tried the talk show in the early 90’s, and wisely returned to the safety of the wheel.  Good move!  He has an awesome life.  The show only tapes a few months a year and he makes millions.


Fox29 also has a virtually unchanged lineup with syndicated stalwarts “Judge Judy,” “The Simpsons,” “Seinfeld,” and “Malcolm in the Middle.”