Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times

August 16, 2005



For almost 20-years Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling was a regular on “The Howard Stern Show.”  Througout the years, Martling threatened to leave the show many times, but finally left for real in 2001.  With Stern constantly in the news because of his upcoming move to satellite radio, we wanted to catch up with Stern’s former sidekick (, who is one of the comedians featured in the new movie "The Aristocrats."


What are you doing now?
I've been working in independent films and venturing slowly into the movie business, performing my stand-up act here and there because it seems like I need to do that, and making joke gadgets with Excalibur Electronics. You can see all of them on

How's Nancy (wife)?
Nancy and I are separated and remain very close. She's still acting and singing and writing songs and is working on her third CD with her band, The Scoldees. To hear what they're up to, please visit

Why did you leave Stern?
I asked for more money than they wanted to pay me.

When did you leave?
I left in March of 2001.

Do you regret leaving the show?

Do you still listen to the show?
I've never listened to it, not even back when I was on it.

Do people approach you and ask you to come back to the show?
People are incredibly nice to me. A lot of people smile at me and simply say, "Miss you."

Do you keep in touch with anybody from the show?
(Producer) Gary (Dell'Abate) and I went to lunch recently, Howard and I e-mail occasionally, and I often see (“Stuttering”) John (Melendez) and his family when I'm out in California.


What years did you work on The Stern Show?
Part time 1983-1986, and then full time, 1986-2001.

Would you consider returning if Artie (Lange) left the show?
Returning to where?



Would you go back to Howard if he asked you?

The most honest answer I can give you is I don't know.

Was getting up early difficult?
No. It was damn near impossible.

Do you miss the large income from The Stern Show?
No. My goal is to have as little money as possible (and that's working out real well).