MN Grad Authors Book
by Laura Nachman
County Press
July 26, 2006


Marple native Ranee Spina is trying to help brides make sure they commit to themselves before they rush into marriage in her new boo, "I Am Before I Do."

Ms. Spina, a 1983 graduate of Marple Newtown High School has been criss-crossing the country the last few years on the college lecture circuit advising young women.

Speaking on the telephone from her home in Newport Beach, Calif., she said, "This isn't an "I hate men" book. Women have to take responsibility for their actions."

"Almost two of three marriages will end in divorce if you live together before marriage.  You need to find out who you are in your 20's before you commit to somebody else."

"I didn't find my "I am" until I was 36."

After graduating from MN, Ms. Spina attended New York University for a couple of years before moving to Los Angeles.  She spent a few years doing wardrobe, staging, and merchandising for some of the "Hair Bands" of the late '80's such as Ratt.

"Then I spent 15 years in the marketing industry aligning buyers and sellers.  I realized the same concept could be used for men and women."

She began getting speaking engagements, which led to appearances on the former daytime show, "The Other Half" with Dick Clark, Mario Lopez, and Danny Bonaduce a few years ago.

These days, she continues her speeches at various universities across the country and wants to start a publishing house for women authors.  She is also seeking her Ph.D. in social psychology.

Her book can be purchased at