On The Air
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
June 8, 2007
Last week's column about the overrated and underrated sportscasters drew plenty of reaction. Here are some of our readers' comments:

* “[Howard] Eskin is overrated in one way, underrated in another. His schtick is tiresome, but I don't know that there is any reporter who works harder — or is at least at every event. [Don] Tollefson deserves credit for his charity work, but, like you say, he's not all that good otherwise. I've always had a huge crush on Leslie Gudel, so that colors my opinions otherwise, right? I agree on [Harry] Kalas, though few would. He's been mailing it in ever since [Richie] Ashburn died.”

* “I could not agree with you more about your assessment of 6ABC longtime anchor [Gary Papa]. He made beating cancer boring. I think it is an "emperor's new clothes' thing that he has been here for so long he's untouchable. You watch the on-field interviews he does for the big Eagles games, and he looks put out that the process takes too long. It's sad to say such a great sports town like Philadelphia has the likes of Gary Papa, Steve Bucci, Billy Vargus and Don Tollefson. At least Garry Cobb left ... ”

* “I play on four softball teams with "young men.' Nobody likes [Angelo] Cataldi. I like [Michael] Barkann and Gudel. [Glen] Macnow is so underrated. So is [Jody] McDonald.”

* “I loved your Friday column from the paper. I like Glen Macnow's originality, too, with his "Pizzapalooza' and "Movie Club for Men.' I think he had a "Hamburgerpalooza' one time too, a few summers ago. Bonus points also for your Harry Donahue reference. I have always been a big Rob Charry guy, as well.”

* “As for your over/under, I agree with your choices of Steve Bucci and Scott Franzke as being underrated and disagree with you on Michael Barkann.”

* “I think Glen [Macnow] does a terrific job. He deserves better than nighttime and weekend duty.”

* “What category do you think Chris Wheeler is in? WINDBAGS category?”

* “Nice to see Angelo Cataldi leading the list. I haven't listened to that show in so long. The rest of your list is excellent and Eskin, Tolly [Don Tollefson] and Leslie Gudel should definitely be there. I can't listen to Leslie or Jamie Apody for more than a few minutes. It is probably me, but in a business where the voice is important, their voices drive me crazy. Unfortunately, Harry Kalas' better days of broadcasting are behind him. He was special, but that was then and this is now. Glen Macnow is one of my favorites, and I am sure to other folks he is a pain in the butt. Unless you are a complete jerk, Glen always lets the caller make their point and rarely calls them fools or idiots a la Eskin.”

* “Don't agree with some of your overrateds ... especially Barkann. CSN would be much worse off without him. They have no one else that can make "Daily News Live' hold up for an hour and a half ... but Cataldi and Eskin should definitely be first and second ... in either order.”

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June 8, 2007 5:59 AM