BEN 95.7-FM
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
May 31, 2005

“Playing anything we feel like,” the new BEN 95.7-FM is living up to its mantra, as it is the only station in town that would play “The Point of No Return” by Kansas and Expose. 

“BEN,” named after famous Philadelphian Benjamin Franklin, is called “Jack” in most of the other cities where this year-old format plays songs from different genres of the last three decades and is inspired by the “iPod shuffle.”

Since its debut March 21, BEN is experiencing modest ratings gains – improving from a 1.5 to a 1.8 share of the Philadelphia audience ages 12 and over in the most recent Arbitron ratings for 19th place out of 30 stations.  In comparison, brand new station WRNB107.9-FM broke out of the gate and is in seventh place in the same category with a 4.1 share.

Larry Shannon, the publisher of and said in today’s climate, there is more for BEN to compete against than other traditional radio stations.


“Like all the other new and different technologies for what I call "programming distribution channels," I can't see that iPods and iPod shuffles are going to "go away.” 


They and other PDC's are here to stay!  The technologies get less expensive and more available as the months go by.  Radio today is not the radio of yesterday. 


Whatever new format is created is one that is going to be competing with the technology of "programming distribution channels" like iPods, MP3 players, Satellite radio, and so on. 


Lots of variables are involved with any format.  Properly promoted, any "new" format will attract the attention of listeners.  But, that "new car smell" wears off after awhile with fickle listeners who have such a variety of formats on the dial and other programming distribution channels (PDC).”

According to Bob Burke, vice president and managing director of the radio industry trade publication, “Friday Morning Quarterback,” it’s too soon to tell if Ben will live a long life.  “I still don’t know yet if it’s here to stay.  We’ll know more in a year,” he said. 

BEN doesn’t utilize disc jockeys.  The only recognizable voice on the station is from actor John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld.)

The station’s web site is