Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times

April 25, 2006


Over the last decade as host of “It’s Your Call,” Bucks county resident Lynn Doyle has covered a variety of “Hot Topics” such as “9-11, “ Terry Schiavo, Scott Peterson, Kobe Bryant, and O.J. Simpson.  A tenth anniversary edition of the CN8 show will air on May 15 at 9 p.m.  


Doyle’s profile has risen through the years with the expansion of the Comcast Network through the country.  She’d be more than capable of filling Meredith Vieira’s shoes and handling the “Hot Topics” of “The View.”  Plus, it would be an easy commute to New York City from Bucks county.


Another local talk show host who is getting more “national” is WPHT 1210’s Michael Smerconish, whose book “Muzzled,” is on the “New York Times” best seller list.


May sweeps begins Thursday.  All the big season finales will take place including “American Idol” on May 24th and 25th.  The show’s biggest success so far hasn’t been Chris, Paris, or Elliott, but Daniel Powter.  His song, “Bad Day,” which plays at the end of every elimination show is a big hit thanks to the exposure on “Idol.”  Notice how at the end of the show Ryan Seacrest doesn’t say “Seacrest Out” anymore?  Now it’s just “Good evening everybody.  Stay tuned for (fill in the blank of a crappy Fox show).”


Some of the other big sweeps events include “The Daytime Emmys,” “10.5:  Apocalypse” with Philly’s Kim Delaney, “The Academy of Country Music Awards,” and the series finales of “Will and Grace,” “The West Wing,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Alias,” and “That 70’s Show.”  It will also be the network finales of the WB and UPN Networks, which will merge to become the CW Network in the fall.


Many area children will be with their parents Thursday for “Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day.”  That includes WOGL 98.1-FM “Breakfast Club” members Ross Brittain and Bob Kelly, whose daughters, Aleksandra and Kristen will be on the air with their dads that day.


Somewhere Jane Whitney is Smiling

The “10” show moves from the Loews hotel to the NBC10 studios with a live audience May 22nd.  Though NBC is planning a daytime magazine talk show for the fall, according to an NBC10 spokesperson, that won’t affect the local show. Friday, Amy Freeze goes behind the scenes on “Deal or No Deal.”  Where have you gone Ann (“You are the weakest link”) Robinson?


Eddie Van Halen was Right!

After three excruciating months, CBS Radio fired morning radio host David Lee Roth.  His last day on the air was Friday.  According to the radio trade site,, former CBS radio personalities Opie and Anthony will take over weekdays from 6-9 a.m., then will continue on their XM radio show from 9-11 a.m.  I want Howard Stern back!


Roth Radio will join "The Chevy Chase Show," "Glitter," "Ishtar," and "The Magic Hour" in the pantheon of show business disasters.