Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
April 24, 2007

As May sweeps begins Thursday, let's look back at the television season.

Favorite New Shows – “Brothers and Sisters, ” “Heroes,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Shark,” “Ugly Betty,” “30 Rock,” “Rachael Ray.”

Least Favorite New Show – “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”

“Nine Lives” – “The Nine” with Tim Daly lasted eight episodes.  On the other hand “Pussycat Dolls Present:  The Search for the Next Doll" was a hit for the new CW network.

Trumped – Donald Trump came across as a jerk in his fight with Rosie O’Donnell and his show “The Apprentice” is irrelevant.

The Fight Club – Meanwhile, new “View” co-host Rosie O’Donnell is making former host Star Jones Reynolds seem mellow with some kind of battle each week.

Viewers would “Rather” watch another network – Somewhere Dan Rather is laughing (on HDNet), as Katie Couric struggles in his old role on “The CBS Evening News.”

So much for the early morning personality can’t translate to the evening news argument – Meanwhile, former “Good Morning America” host Charlie/Charles Gibson is doing fine on “The World News Tonight” on ABC.

NB-Controversy – NBC’s cable network MSNBC was mired in the Don Imus mess then was criticized for airing the video rantings of the Virginia Tech killer.

Losers – “The Knights of Prosperity,” “In Case of Emergency,” “20 Good Years,” “Vanished,” “Kidnapped,” “The Megan Mullaly Show,” Help Me Help You,” “The Greg Bernhardt Show,” “The Keith Albow Show.”

Third Time is the Charm – Yeppers, “The Office,” in its third season continues to grow in popularity and acclaim. 

Third Time is Not the Charm – Third year series “Lost” suffered critical and viewer backlash, “Desperate Housewives” floundered with the absence of Marcia Cross.

I Want a Divorce – Wedding-oriented shows “The Wedding Belles” and “Big Day” were busts.

Heather Locklear Award – “Special Guest Star” Rob Lowe helped turn around “Brothers and Sisters” for ABC.

Take That Norman Lear -  “The Flavor of Love” franchise continues to spit out (Hi Pumkin!) hit shows like “I Love New York” and the hilarious “Charm School.”

Biggest American Idol Transformation – Not Sanjaya’s hair, but Paula Abdul’s return to the role of respected entertainer.