On the Air
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
April 1, 2005

On the heels of former Major League baseball player Jose Canseco joining the next "Surreal Life" house on VH1, a reality show featuring Philadelphia sports celebrities is set to debut in the fall.

Titled "Another League of Their Own," nine Philly sports celebrities will live in a loft on South Street for three weeks this summer for a series that will air for 12 weeks on UPN 57.

The starting lineup is former Phillies Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams and Darren "Dutch" Daulton; former Eagle Randall Cunningham; former Flyer Dave "The Hammer" Schultz; former Sixer Darryl Dawkins; former Phillies ball girl Mary Sue Stiles; former WWDB 96.5-FM and KYW-TV sportscaster Rod Luck; former Charge player Heather Mitts; and former Flyers national anthem singer Erica Gagliardi.

Philadelphia's Banyan Productions, which has done dozens of reality shows, including "A Baby Story," "A Makeover Story" and "A Wedding Story," is behind the show. Banyan is headed by former KYW "Evening Magazine" host Ray Murray.

Some of the activities planned for the housemates include working at a Phillies' game; getting behind the grill at Jim's Steaks on South Street; a trip to Wildwood, N.J.; and a dance contest at retro-disco Polly Esther's.

The housemates will compete in reward challenges. There will be athletic contests such as the tug-of-war and obstacle course as well as mental challenges, including a Philadelphia version of "Trivial Pursuit."

Philadelphia's own "The Hooters," who continue to tour in Europe, are expected to appear in one episode for a performance.

A converted SEPTA trolley will transport the housemates around town. The kitchen will be stocked with Tastykakes, soft pretzels, and Goldenberg's peanut chews.

Dawkins has reality show experience. He was a contestant on the just-concluded season of "Dream Job" on ESPN.

Many sports fans remember Luck from his talk show on WWDB 96.5-FM and his stint on KYW-3. He's a general assignment reporter for a television station in San Diego, Calif.

Williams lives in New Jersey and managed the Atlantic City Surf independent baseball team.

Daulton (swoon) lives in Florida. The former Phillies catcher has suffered some problems with the law in recent years, including an arrest for violating a non-contact order with his estranged wife in 2003. He was also arrested on charges of driving under the influence that year.

Cunningham (the probable diva of the group) lives in Las Vegas. He played for the Eagles from 1985-95.

Schultz is a minor-league ice hockey coach in Virginia.

Mitts made an impression in her short time in Philadelphia as a member of  Philly's women's soccer team. The former Channel 10 personality competed in the Olympics last summer. She has recently been seen in print and television ads for sportswear.

Gagliardi wowed Flyers crowds in the 1990s with her rendition of the national anthem. She competed in UPN 57's "Gimme the Mike" a couple of years ago.

Stiles was a fixture on the third-base side for Phillies games at Veterans stadium in the '70s. There's no word if she is bringing former mascots Phil and Phillis to the house.

If, like me, you are looking forward to this show, I have some bad news.

April Fools!

April 1, 2005 7:41 AM