Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
March 28, 2006


Top seeded Oprah Winfrey, was toppled by Diane, Charlie and Robin as “Good Morning America” upset “Oprah” in our “Field of 64.” Here are the rest of last week’s results.  Please email your winner in each bracket to



(1) Desperate Housewives over (8) Jimmy Kimmel
(5) Scrubs over (13) Late Night with Conan O’Brien
(11) The Daily Show over (3) The Office
(2) My Name is Earl over (7) The Simpsons

The next round is:

(1) Desperate Housewives
(5) Scrubs

(11) The Daily Show
(2) My Name is Earl

(1) American Idol over (8) The Apprentice
(4) America’s Next Top Model over (12) Beauty and the Geek
(3) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition over (6) The Amazing Race
(2) Survivor over (10) Supernanny

The next round is
(1) American Idol
(4) America’s Next Top Model

(3) Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition
(2) Survivor

(1) The Sopranos over (8) Law and Order SVU
(4) Grey’s Anatomy over (5) Veronica Mars
(14) Boston Legal over (6) The Shield
(2) Lost over (7) 24

The next round is:

(1) The Sopranos
(4) Grey’s Anatomy

(14) Boston Legal
(2) Lost

(9) Good Morning America over (1) Oprah
(4) Ellen over (5) The View
(6) The Price is Right over (3) Dr. Phil
(2) Regis & Kelly over (10) The Today Show

The next round is:
(9) Good Morning America
(4) Ellen

(6) The Price is Right
(2) Regis & Kelly



I’ll admit it. When it premiered, I trashed “Flavor of Love,” but I ended up watching every week, and plenty of others agreed.  The season finale was the highest rated show in VH1 history with 5.9 million viewers.  Don’t be surprised if “Miss New York” gets her own show out of this (which of course was her goal from the beginning).

In what is probably the wave of the future, “Jeopardy” will administer on line auditions.  For the East Coast, there is a test happening tonight at 8 p.m. at  Log on 15 minutes early to register.