On the Air
by Laura Nachman
Bucks County Courier Times
March 24, 2006


“Seven” was an unlucky number as the number seven seed was upset in every bracket of our “Sports Broadcasters’ Field of 64.”   Here are the results:


(1) Harry Kalas in a landslide over (16) Brian Propp
(9) Larry Andersen easily over (8) Harry Donahue
(5) Tom McGinnis in a landslide over (12) Todd MacCulloch
(4) Jim Jackson easily over (13) Mike Quick

(11) Steve Mix edging (6) Scott Graham
(3) Marc Zumoff easily over (14) Tim Saunders

(10) Tom McCarthy easily over (7) Chris Wheeler
(2) Merrill Reese easily over (15) Steve Coates

The next round will be:
(1) Harry Kalas
(9) Larry Andersen

(5) Tom McGinnis
(4) Jim Jackson

(11) Steve Mix
(3) Marc Zumoff

(10) Tom McCarthy
(2) Merrill Reese

(1) Michael Barkann in a landslide over (16) Derrick Gunn
(8) Neil Hartman easily over (9) John Clark
(5) Beasley Reece easily over (12) Steve Bucci
(4) Don Tollefson easily over (13) Bill Vargus
(6) Phil Andrews over (11) Leslie Gudel
(3) Vai Sikahema easily over (14) Jade McCarthy
(10) Ron Burke over (7) Lou Tilley
(2) Gary Papa easily over (15) Gregg Murphy


The next round will be:

(1) Michael Barkann
(8) Neil Hartman

(5) Beasley Reece
(4) Don Tollefson

(6) Phil Andrews
(3) Vai Sikahema

(10) Ron Burke
(2) Gary Papa

(1) Howard Eskin easily over (16) Jack McCaffery
(8) Al Morganti easily over (9) Rhea Hughes
(5) Anthony Gargano easily over (12) Rob Charry
(13) Brian Startare over (4) Mike Missanelli*
(6) Glen Macnow easily over (11) Big Daddy Graham
(3) Jim Rome easily over (14) John Mozes
(10) Ray Didinger barely over (7) Jody McDonald
(2) Angelo Cataldi in a landslide over (15) Paul Jolovitz

The next round will be:
(1) Howard Eskin
(8) Al Morganti

(5) Anthony Gargano
(13) Brian Startare

(6) Glen Macnow
(3) Jim Rome

(10) Ray Didinger
(2) Angelo Cataldi

*Although Missanelli easily beat Startare in the voting, Missanelli became ineligible after he was fired from WIP on Monday.

(1) Joe Buck easily over (16) Terry Bradshaw
(8) James Brown in a landslide over (9) Tom Hammond
(5) Greg Gumbel easily over (12) Mike Patrick
(4) John Madden in a landslide over (13) Stuart Scott
(6) Jim Nantz over (11) Dan Patrick
(3) Bob Costas easily over (14) Dick Stockton
(10) Dick Enberg over (7) Marv Albert
(2) Al Michaels in a landslide over (15) Bryant Gumbel

The next round will be:
(1) Joe Buck
(8) James Brown

(5) Greg Gumbel
(4) John Madden

(6) Jim Nantz
(11) Bob Costas

(10) Dick Enberg
(2) Al Michaels


Please email this week's winners to lauranachman@verizon.net.


New Guy at CSN
The new anchor/reporter at Comcast SportsNet is Erick Weber, most recently with the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Weber replaces Matt Yallof, who is now with SportsNet in New York City.


Fringe Benefits of Playing for a Rock Star

A few members of the Philadelphia Soul, including quarterback Tony Graziani are in Bon Jovi’s new video “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”