Air Waves
by Laura Nachman
Philadelphia Metro

February 28, 2006


Since Philadelphia is the fourth largest television market in the country, reporters and anchors usually don’t make it here until after working several years in smaller markets.   However, there are a few “Young Guns” who’ve broken through the age barrier and made it to Philly by the age of 30.  Over the next couple of columns we'll highlight some of the best in town.


John Ogden

Traffic Reporter



NBC10 traffic reporter John Ogden has managed to avoid the usual detours that most reporters and anchors must navigate before they make it to Philly.


The 24-year-old native of Northeast Philadelphia and graduate of Roman Catholic High School never had to leave his hometown to get on the air after winning NBC10’s “The Greatest Summer Gig Ever” contest two summers ago.


“My entire college career at LaSalle, professors told us we would have to go somewhere else to get our start on the air.  I have friends who are working in small markets in the Midwest and know how lucky I am not only to have a job, but to be on the air here,” Ogden said.


What originally was intended to be a summer job has lasted almost two years.  After getting good response from viewers during his summer stay, Ogden was offered a full-time position with the station, and according to a station spokesperson is now one of the most popular personalities at Channel 10.


Ogden lives with his partner, Tom Merman, 25, an Aesthetician (skin care specialist) in Manayunk.


“Coming out might have made me more popular with the gay and lesbian community.”  Ogden is often asked to speak to groups such as PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).