Channel Surfing
by Laura Nachman

Bucks County Courier Times
February 8, 2005


Let’s see how much you’ve learned from last week’s relentless Eagles’ coverage on the local stations.


1. Match the slogan with the station:

a. Super Bowl Frenzy                              1. KYW

b. One More Win                                     2.  WPVI

c.  A Date With Destiny                         3.  WTXF

d. Super Bowl Bound                          4.  CN8

e.  Countdown to Super Bowl              5.  WCAU

f.  Jacksonville Live ’05                       6.  WPHL


Answer – a-2, b-5, c-6, d-3, e-1, f-4


2.  The weather in Jacksonville was:

  1. Hot and sunny
  2. Colder than normal
  3. A Blizzard

 Answer – b-The reporters and anchors whined about it every chance they got.  Let's hope they get sent to Detroit for next year's "Super Bowl."


3.  Match the station with the moniker

a.  Your Official Eagles’ Station            1.WCAU

b.  Your Official Fan Station              2.  WTXF

c.   Your Home of the Eagles                 3.  KYW


Answer – a-3, b-1, c-2

Though every station claims to be “in” with the Birds, KYW is the only station that can call itself “The Official Eagles Station” because it paid the Eagles for that right.  WTXF can claim it is the home of the Eagles because Fox has the rights to the NFC games.


4. Which reporter was most likely to spontaneously combust from excitement?

  1. John Clark – WCAU
  2. Don Tollefson – WTXF
  3. Dawn Stensland – WTXF
  4. Michele McCormack- WPVI

Answer – b- Don Tollefson


5.  Which was not an actual story

  1. A man whose mother had her baby shower for him during the last time the Eagles’ were in the Super Bowl, traveled to Jacksonville
  2. A bakery made green canolis
  3. The Eagles’ fight song was sung in Hebrew
  4. T.O. is dating Jennifer Aniston


Answer – d


6.  What is a “Peagle?

a. An old Eagles' punter

b. A combination of a peacock and an eagle

c.  A unisex bathroom

Answer – b-A Peagle, created by WCAU, is the feathered offspring of the NBC peacock and an eagle.


7.  What Grammy nominated Philadelphia singer did a version of “Fly, Eagles, Fly?”

  1. Patti LaBelle
  2. Jill Scott
  3. Will Smith


Answer – b-Jill Scott


8.  Who is the most embarrassing celebrity fan of the Eagles?

  1. Tara Reid
  2. Kevin Eubanks
  3. Urkel

Answer – It’s a personal choice, but I’d select Jaleel White, who is friends with Donovan McNabb and Freddie Mitchell


9. What is Donovan McNabb’s mother’s name?

  1. Wilma
  2.  Betty
  3.  Pebbles

 Answer – Budding celebrity Wilma McNabb, who appeared on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” this week.


10.  Where was Jeff Thomason employed before he joined the Eagles?

  1. Toll Brothers
  2.  Brooks Brothers
  3. As a toll taker


Answer – Toll Brothers, who should double his salary for the millions of dollars in free publicity it received because of the story.


11.  What instrument is not used in the Eagles’ pep band?

  1. guitar
  2. banjo
  3. saxophone


Answer – a-guitar


12.  What jersey number is not available to fans?

  1. 72
  2. 20
  3. 82


Answer c-82.


13.  What is a nickname of Freddie Mitchell?

  1. Fred-Ex
  2. The People’s Champ
  3. First Down Freddie
  4. All of the above

Answer – d-All of the above


14.  What is the injury of Terrell Owens?

  1. Broken ankle
  2. Strained Knee
  3. Bruised Thigh

Answer – a-broken Ankle


15. Match the special with the station

a.  Road to Victory                         1.  WCAU

b.  Unfinished Business                       2.  CN8

c.  Showdown:  Jacksonville                  3.   Comcast SportsNet

d.  Super Bowl Frenzy              4.  KYW

e.  Countdown to Kickoff                     5.  WPVI

Answers – a-2, b-1, c-4, d-5, e-3


Correct Answers:

12-15 – Touchdown! You are qualified to join the Eagles’ front office

10-12 – Field Goal.  Have a Chunky Soup on Donovan McNabb

Under 10 – Fumble.  Drown your sorrows in a green beer.



During the winter storm coverage two Saturdays ago, WCAU had a 9.2 rating, KYW had a 7.0 rating, and WPVI had a 6.5 rating from noon – 8 p.m.  However, WPVI ran regular programming until 3 p.m.  When all three stations did snow coverage from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m., WPVI had an 8.72 rating, WCAU had an 9.0 rating, and KYW had a 5.9 rating.


Weather Faux Pas

Karen Rogers will join David Murphy to do weather on WPVI weekday mornings, not David Rogers as previously reported.