Air Waves
by Laura Nachman
Philadelphia Metro
February 2, 2006

Starting tonight, the networks will pull out all stops to attract more viewers during February sweeps.

Each network has at least one major event. 

For NBC, which hasn’t had much good news this season (see: “Joey,” “The West Wing,” “Will and Grace”), it will finally have something to cheer about with “The Winter Olympics” from Torino, Italy beginning February 10. 

CBS is the home for the “Grammy Awards” February 8.  Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, and U2 are the major performers. 

ABC gets “The Super Bowl” February 5.  The game is always the top-rated show of the year.

Fox continues to ride the “American Idol” juggernaut every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Now in its fifth season, the show’s ratings continue to keep Fox in good shape.

“Dr. Phil” gets “Straight Up” with A.I. judge Paula Abdul in “A Dr. Phil Primetime Special:  Love Smart” on CBS on February 14.   It will take a lot for this to top Dr. Phil’s session with Pat O’Brien last year, but it sounds promising.  No word if Corey Clark will make a surprise appearance.

Also, Steve Martin hosts “Saturday Night Live” with musical guest, Prince on “Saturday Night Live” on NBC this week, another season of “Survivor” commences on CBS beginning tonight, and ABC plays the Tom Hanks card with “The Green Mile” on February 11 and “Cast Away” on February 18.

And if you are lamenting the death of the WB and UPN, here are a couple of reasons why these networks are getting the boot.  WB “boasts” a Nick Lachey guest appearance on the show “Twins” on WB and “America’s Top Model:  Where the Girls Are” is one of the highlights for UPN.  Nine months until the CW Network!