Here are some observations from Sunday's telecast
of the Eagles-Falcons game.

Best Jimmy Johnson Line - Telling "Fox NFL Pregame
Show" co-host Terry Bradshaw he looked like a

Worst Jimmy Johnson Line - Calling Brian Westbrook
"Michael Westbrook."

Did You Notice? - WCAU and WIP's Howard Eskin on
the sideline congratulating Eagles' owner Jeffrey Lurie
at the end of the

Best Signs - "Red Sox, Mickelson, Now It's Our
Turn" or "Reverse the Kearse."

Best Merrill Reese Call - "Jevon Kearse had Michael
Vick for lunch."

Best Hit - Forget Hollis Thomas or Brian Dawkins. The
best hit was the
Eagles' security guard tackling the yahoo who ran out
onto the field at the
beginning of the fourth quarter.

Worst Prediction - On ESPN's "The Sports
Reporters," panelist William C. Rhoden said the Falcons
and Steelers would make
the "Super Bowl."

Worst Post Game Interview - In the bedlam outside
the Eagles' locker room, WCAU's Vai Sikahema and John
Clark got stuck talking to
WCAU reporter Bill Baldini.

Best Post Game Interviews - The usual suspects -
Ike Reese, Hugh Douglas, and Jeremiah Trotter, along
with Brian

Best Accessory - Fox announcer Joe Buck's

Worst Accessory - Comcast SportsNet's Fred
Barnett's ascot

Best Dressed - Comcast SportsNet's Vaughn Hebron,
Donovan McNabb's parents with their customized jerseys

Bad Hair Day - Freddie Mitchell

T.O. Rocks - Terrell Owens and his broken ankle moved
around more
than Jimmy Johnson's and Howie Long's hair