Air Waves
by Laura Nachman
Philadelphia Metro

January 10, 2006


There are plenty of new and returning shows to keep you busy in January. 


VH1’s “Celebreality” returns with one winner and one loser. 


The winner is “Celebrity Fit Club 3.”  The celebrity weight loss show has proven to provide boosts for sagging careers and body parts, so celebrities who aren’t even fat are signing on (Tempest Bledsoe, I’m talking to you).


The loser is “Flavor of Love,” which in a television first is a reality show spinoff of a spinoff (“Strange Love,” “Surreal Life.”)  This irrelevant show stars former full-time rapper and current full-time reality-show “personality” Flavor Flav doing the same reality show garbage that viewers know by heart.  Flav is looking for "love" with elimination ceremonies and the catch phrase “Your time’s up.”  Yes, time’s up!


The success of HBO’s “Entourage” has spawned a couple of knock-offs.  NBC trots out “Four Kings” with Philly’s Seth Green. The CBS show featuring four guy-pals is “Love Monkey” with Tom Cavanaugh of “Ed” and Jason Priestley trying yet another series since “90210.”


A few familiar faces are starring in new ABC shows.  Heather Graham, who got her sitcom feet wet with “Scrubs,” stars in “Emily’s Reasons Why Not.”  Though the title is a joke waiting to happen (“Emily’s Reasons Why Not To Watch” comes to mind), the “Sex and the City” vibe could work


Jane Curtin, William Devane, and Fred Savage star in “Crumbs.”  Savage of “The Wonder Years” fame is all grown up and gay, on the show that is.


And of course, January means the return of “American Idol.”  Simon Cowell is signed up for five years, so don’t try to fight the phenomenon, enjoy it.  


Kiefer Sutherland and “24” returns for another day on Fox.  And Michael Chiklis is back for another season of “The Shield” on FX.  Last year’s big guest star was Glenn Close.  This year it’s Forrest Whitaker.


“Dancing with the Stars” hopes it can repeat its summer success on ABC.  Its inspired the knockoff “Skating with Celebrities” on Fox.  One of the skating celebrities, Bruce Jenner is on the wrong show.  He should be on the plastic surgery show, “Dr. 90210.”


If these choices don’t excite you, only two months until “The Sopranos!”