Air Waves
by Laura Nachman
Philadelphia Metro
January 4, 2006
After listening to day one of the new "David Lee Roth Show" on Free 94.1-FM, I can understand why Eddie Van Halen ended his association with his motor-mouth lead singer. The guy never shuts up.

Roth had no problems talking about David Lee Roth for the majority of the 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. show. Some of the things we learned: Roth is 52, "Apollonia" from "Purple Rain" is a former girlfriend, he is a trained Emergency Medical Technician, and, low and behold, recently became a helicopter pilot.

The show is all DLR, all the time. The other voices heard were a couple of groupies/people in the background who laughed at his jokes. There was no sidekick or newscaster. In fact, there wasn't news at all. The show consisted mostly of Roth talking to people in his life such as his uncle and helicopter instructor. Boring? We think so.

There is no doubt that Roth could probably talk for four straight hours, five days a week, and probably even more than that, but there needs to be more than stories about his days on the road for people to remain interested. Oh, like, you know, actually booking guests that people know. Roth should call in some favors from his old musician friends--if he'll let them speak.